'Let's Dance'


'Bellasini Visits'

Social Media is the medium by which all young people today communicate, and follow their favorite hobbies, pastimes and celebrities.


Studio Virtasia is in the process of creating a new weekly 3D animated Youtube Series called ‘Bellasini Visits (name of attraction),’ which follows Bellasini’s visits to a host of Amusement Parks and other attractions around the world, which children and teens are keenly interested in.. 

Each video will commence with Bellasini sitting in her bedroom on her laptop searching the internet for an amusement park, or attraction, somewhere in the world, she wants to visit.


Within the story line of the Virtasian Tales book, it says,

“Bellasini likes to think of her laptop, and mobile phone, as her own little pieces of magic. Just by typing in a few seemingly magical words, they are able to take her anywhere in the world. They are her source, of far off adventure and fun. Her looking glass, into the world beyond. Her very own crystal balls.”


Once Bellasini has selected an Amusement Park to visit, she will clash her bracelets together which will see her tee shirt change into a branded shirt from the park. Then she will happily dance around her bedroom, surrounded by her animal and bird friends.

After a few seconds she will clash her two bracelets together, while shouting aloud the name of the Amusement Park she wishes to venture to, which will cause her to disappear from her bedroom in a puff of colorful smoke. She will immediately reappear at the Amusement Park.

  • It is anticipated that at least one million new young viewers per year, will watch each ‘Bellasini Visits…’ video, on Facebook and other Social Media.

  • Each ‘Bellasini Visits….’ video will be online for at least 10 years.