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The first six introductory episodes, have already been produced as flat screen 16:9 4k videos. These videos have intentionally been produced as flat screen videos, as they take place before Bellasini, the young heroine of the story, gains the magical power to travel to the fantastic virtual world of Virtasia.


At the beginning of episode 7, the storyteller will give each of the young people listening to him in Gran’s library a VR headset. He then explains to them, that this seemingly magical headset will allow them to travel with Bellasini to all the fantastic worlds of Virtasia. Of course, the same will be the case for the viewer of the VR videos. The viewer will suddenly become one of the children sitting in the room, and as such is also now able to travel with Bellasini wherever she goes.

PrincePrincess dancing.jpg

In what will surely be a world’s first, the main character of the story, Bellasini will acknowledge the presence of her new invisible friend (the viewer) which is seemingly following her on all her travels through Virtasia and Reality, and even gives this new character a name, Mif, which is short for, ‘My Invisible Friend’.

Throughout the next 30 episodes Bellasini will constantly interact with her invisible friend, thus giving the VR viewer of each video the feeling that they really are there with Bellasini wherever she goes.

In the first few episodes of the VR Virtasia franchise the viewer is introduced to almost all the lovable characters and storyline of the tale, such as Gran, Gemma, Ms Crabtree, the Wizard of Wisdom, an animated book simply called Book, and a mischievous purple bird named Zac, which are all trying to help Princess Bellasini, save the world of Reality from greedy Glitch, the illegitimate ruler of Virtasia, who has already taken over Reality’s computer systems and internet, with his partners in crime, Melissa and the Worm.

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