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The VR Virtasia franchise will be the world’s first episodic 3D animated, 4K 360 VR interactive set of short films. As such we expect that VR Virtasia will receive an enormous amount of traditional and social media attention, which should ensure VR Virtasia finds immediate commercial success.


In 2023, 65 million Americans will be using VR headsets each month, and 6 million new headsets will be sold to new users, while China is looking to ship 25 million new VR headsets by 2025.


However, it should be remembered that VR Virtasia being a 4K 360 VR movie can be watched quite comfortably on a standalone mobile phone, tablet or TV in 360. Hence our overall potential global audience is in the billions.


VR Virtasia will be distributed on numerous VR Viewing platforms, such as Youtube, Youtube 360, YOUKU, Vimeo 360, Steam, Facebook, VeeR VR, Tik Tok, Instagram, etc, and will gain a sizeable share of its income from advertising within these platforms which have been proven to deliver multi-million dollar income streams to innovative creators.


The Chinese VR Market is now booming, and the government has now released its first national policy “Virtual Reality and Industry Application Integration Development Action Plan (2022-2026)”. Furthermore, China is now the second largest global market for VR, and within its “Catalogue of Encouraged Industries for Foreign Investment (2022 version)” it is actively encouraging foreign VR companies to establish a presence in China.


It is for this reason VR Virtasia is keen to immediately establish a Representative Office in China which will be responsible for the marketing of all VR Virtasia videos in the Chinese language.


Initially with a team of three Marketing Executives VR Virtasia China will utilize hosting sites such as YOUKU, Douyin, Kuaishou, etc, to distribute its videos and promotional materials

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When up and operational, the VR Virtasia China Studio will concentrate their VR production on producing educational, cultural and industrial content in line with the Chinese government’s “Virtual Reality and Industry Application Integration Development Action Plan (2022-2026)”.


For example the China Studio will utilize all the different characters of Virtasian Tales to produce 360 VR, ‘Learn How to Speak English’ videos. The big difference these videos will have over traditional flat screen English learning videos is that the young children, via their VR glasses will actually find themselves really in the magical room or enchanted forest where Bellasini and the other Virtasian Tales characters are giving the English lessons. Learning English and other cultural subjects will be lots of fun with VR Virtasia, as they interact with their favourite characters.

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