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The Disabled & Disadvantaged (D&D) Children's Theme Park, will be vastly different to THE METS Theme Park which will be produced for young adults with very thrilling and sometimes outright scary rides and coasters, whereas

THE D&D Children's Virtasian Tales Theme Park

will be produced for young children with appropriate fun, exciting rides, coasters and shows.

The D&D Virtasian Tales VR Family Theme Park will be totally free for everyone to enter and enjoy, whereas at the METS Theme Park, visitors will have to purchase a  METS Digital Passport to enjoy all the exciting rides and attractions.


Unfortunately it is very difficult, if not impossible to gain support from traditional movie financiers or funding organizations for the production of a VR Theme Park targeted at an audience of Disabled & Disadvantage children.


 Hence via our CSR initiative, we intend to fund 50% of the cost required for the production of each seven minute 360 VR Virtasian Tales Theme Park ride & attraction. The in-house minimum cost to produce each minute of high quality VR video within the Theme Park, is US$1,500/minute. Hence Studio Virtasia is looking to raise from donors, just US$750/minute of VR video it plans to produce.

Studio Virtasia aims to riase US$75,000 to complete stage 1 of the park, which will consist of 20 rides & attractions as well as numerous 3-5 minute tours hosted by the characters of Virtasian Tales.

"Together we can bring joy & happiness to millions of

Disabled & Disadvantaged Children.



There is little doubt, exciting new Virtual Reality (VR) Technologies possess the abilities to provide disabled & disadvantaged (D&D) children, with the opportunity to experience new found senses of freedom, movement, control, empowerment and enjoyment, opening the doors to many new worlds and experiences, which had up to now, been out of their reach.

It is surely every child’s dream & wish, to one day visit a Family Theme Park with exciting rides, attractions, lovable characters and shows. A wish that seemed forever out of reach, for bedridden, disabled & disadvantage children. However with the advent of new VR technologies we can now make this heartfelt wish a reality, for millions of bedridden disabled & disadvantaged children residing anywhere in the world.

THE VR VIRTASIA Family Theme Park will for the first time allow bed-ridden, disadvantaged, & disabled children to realize their dreams and wishes, of one day being able to visit an exciting theme park.

For few hours each day they will be able to walk around the park like everyone else, with all the lovable characters of Virtasia, and enjoy all the rides and attractions, as they have for so longed dreamed of doing.

THE VR VIRTASIA FAMILY THEME PARK will be totally FREE of CHARGE to all who enter. Furthermore Studio Virtasia is working closely with numerous VR Headset manufacturers, in an effort to distribute donated, and/or subsidized headsets to D&D children's hospitals  & care centers in numerous cities across the globe.

Our very special guests from all over the world.




Studio Virtasia has begun production on a Virtual Family Theme Park (VFTP), along the lines of a virtual Disney World or Universal Studios, filled with 360 VR rides, tours, theatres, attractions, shows, water parks, and kiosks.


The VR Virtasia Family Theme Park will be totally free for everyone to enter and enjoy, featuring all the lovable characters and fantastic Magical scenes of Virtasia. It will be able to be viewed in 360 on a mobile phone or with a low cost VR Headset.


Children visiting the park from their hospital beds, or such, will truly believe they are at a real theme park, surrounded by hundreds of other park goers.

 Each month new exciting rides, shows and attractions will be added to the park.

​Initially children visiting VR Virtasia will join one of the many guided tours hosted by Bellasini, Gemma or the Queen, which will take them to various shows, rides and attractions throughout the park


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If you have not already read the Virtasian Tales story, or watched any of the videos please click on the button below, which will take you to the Virtasian Tales web site, where you can read the book, & watch the videos, for free. Virtasian Tales was specifically written to be produced as a VR movie for children. A story & movie where their dreams & wishes really do come true.

Virtasian Tales Episode 7, is a draft version of the first 360 VR video of the Virtasian Tales series, which has been produced to demonstate to potential investors just how immersive VR Virtasia can be for young children.


VR allows young viewers to actually become part of the story, interacting with the characters and scenes as the story goes along.  Disabled & Disadvantaged Children will truly become very immersed in the Virtual Reality movies and Theme Park.

Why Produce a

360 VR Virtual Theme Park

for Disabled & Disadvantaged Children


Every child dreams of going to a fantastic theme park for the day. However for tens of millions of disabled & disadvantaged children around the world it is a wish that has always been out of their reach.

A Virtual Theme Park will allow the wishes of tens of millions of children to finally be a reality. No mater whether they are bed-ridden, disabled or disadvantaged, children living anywhere in the world, will finally have their dreams & wishes come true.

The VR VIRTASIA Theme Park will allow millions of young people & families who previously could not access a Family Theme Park to do so.


The immersivness of VR ensures that the young visitors will truly believe they are in the park with all their friends from Virtasian Tales, and on the rides with hundreds of other people, carrying candy, drinks and merchandise.


We understand it is already a huge drain on a family’s budget taking care of a disabled, bedridden or disadvantaged child, however we are hoping there is enough individual persons, organizations and philanthropists, who understand the enormous health and emotional benefits a VR Virtasian Tales Theme Park & associated VR Videos could deliver to these children, and will therefore dig deep to assist us make the VR Virtasian disabled & disadvantage project a reality.


We want to recognize and thank all the supporters that help us make the VR Virtasia Theme Park and associated short movies a reality, for all the less fortunate children of the world,

Everyone who donates US$25 or more to the project will receive a personalized certificate of thanks, signed by the author of Virtasian Tales, Mr. Paul Phillips, recognizing their support ,


 a very special VR Virtasia VIP Pass which will gain you access to many special events staged by the Virtasian Tales characters after the park's opening.

Anyone who donates US$50 or more, will receive a personalized autographed digital photo of all the Virtasian characters signed by the Author/Director of Virtasian Tales, Mr. Paul Phillips, dedicated to the donor, or their nominee.


 five very special VR Virtasia VIP Passes which will gain holders access to many special events staged by the Virtasian Tales characters after the park's opening.


If you, or your organization or corporation, feel as passionately about this project as we do, and you are in a position to contribute US$2,500 or more to the VR Virtasian Tales Theme Park project, we will name one of the VR ride videos after you, and include you within the end credits of the video, stating you as the sponsor which has made this ride or attraction possible. We will also create a 3D animated character in the likeness of your nominated child, who will appear in your sponsored ride or attraction and in later Virtasian Tales episodes.


 25 very special VR Virtasia VIP Passes which will gain holders access to many special events staged by the Virtasian Tales characters after the park's opening.

If you would like to talk more with the producer of the Disabled & Disadvantaged Children's Theme Park before deciding upon contributing or not, you can contact Mr. Paul Phillips on

+84 933401006 or on WhatsApp.

For Donors who may wish to become our partner for the production of the D&D Theme Park, by way contributing US$75,000 to its overall production costs, will be presented with the option to have the Theme Park named after themself or their selected institution.

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Mr. Paul Phillips



(+84) 93 340 1006

or on WhatsApp

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Parents of young visitors to the Theme Park will soon be able to purchase low cost VR Virtasia tee shirts and caps for their loved ones, with all their favorite characters printed on them.

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Studio Virtasia is working with manufacturers of VR Headsets, to secure access to low cost & sponsored  VR headsets for the VR Virtasia Theme Park Project

for Disabled & Disadvantaged children.

As headsets become available Studio Virtasia will quickly distribute them to children's hospitals and Care Centers.

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