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The Vietnamese Travel & Tourism sectors have taken a real hammering these past 2 years because of COVID. However global travel is now back in full swing.


In what is now a very crowded and extremely motivated global tourism market, Vietnam’s travel & tourism operators must quickly develop & produce world class advertising & marketing promotions to attract thousands of travelers back to the shores of Vietnam.


With the advent of low cost, high resolution mobile phones, containing powerful processors, 360 & Virtual Reality (VR) are now technologies which are poised to completely revolutionize the global travel industry.

And Studio Virtasia led by Australian Film Director, Mr. Paul Phillips wants to make sure Vietnam's Travel & Tourism sectors are leading the way.

Move around using your mouse or mobile phone



360 & VR have made it easy for people living anywhere in the world to visit places while still at home. Just with their mobile phone or VR headset they can instantaneously travel to any location in the world, which has produced a 360 Virtual Tour of itself.

With 360 & VR, travel agencies now have much better technologies to demonstrate destinations rather than a boring flyer or a brochure.

360 Virtual Tours have become so immersive and compelling that premier global destinations now see them as an indispensable part of their industry. However the idea is not intended to replace traditional travel, rather it just gives the viewer a fantastic realistic insight into the destination, which should ensure they add the destination to their next travel itinerary.

'If Vietnam is to remain a competitive travel & tourism destination for the foreseeable future, tourism operators and executives must further enlighten themselves of innovative ways they can utilize 360 Virtual Tours to promote their respective destinations to potential global travelers.'




Today’s travelers young and old alike, not only prefer a Virtual Tour, but now expect one, and often won’t book a room without first viewing a tour which provides a  first-person point of view of your premises. If you do not provide one, potential travelers will search for a Youtube video made by a previous traveler of your hotel, which in most cases is not the ideal way to introduce your hotel to potential new customers.

Also if you incorporate mention of your Virtual Tour within your web site profile summary, your hotel will move further up the rankings in search engine results, as these days Virtual Tours are seen as a strong SEO pointer.

Research has shown,

 Properties with a Virtual Tour are clicked on 10 times more.... 

92% of internet users say the ability to view a 360-degree tour or Youtube video is essential when browsing travel options online


First impressions matter. If they’re positive, your guests will likely remember you for a long time. An engaging 360 Virtual Tour helps grab your audience’s attention and create a positive first impression. With eye-catching features on the tour, your hotel will be more memorable to potential guests.

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With his vast experience of producing scores of 360VR videos, Australian Film Director, Mr. Paul Phillips, the international movie consultant for Studio Virtasia, wants to assist Vietnamese hotels & destinations re-establish themselves on the global stage, as key destinations for international travelers, so they can once again provide tens of thousands of well paid careers, for young Vietnamese graduates all across Vietnam.


To achieve this goal, in light of just how critically important Virtual Tours are for the re-establishment of the Vietnamese Travel & Tourism industries within the global tourism sector, Mr. Phillips has initiated the



for Vietnamese hotel & destination marketing & managerial staff, which he will personally oversee during 2022.

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Hotels & Destinations will first need to register their interest in participating in the 2022 Campaign, by filling out the form at the bottom of this page, or emailing their interest to participate to Mr. Phillips at

Mr. Phillips will then begin to work with your staff on a few Pre-Production matters via email and book a time for him to come to your location to plan & film your Virtual Tour footage. In most cases he will need to spend a half day at your location.

When he arrives at your location he will first need to sit down with a staff member and review each aspect of your location you wish to be included in the Virtual Tour and create a Pre-Production Sheet for your 360 Virtual Tour video(s).

After this he will start filming each selected location with his 360 video equipment. This may take 2 to 3 hours depending on how many locations there are to film, For this time, the hotel will need to provide one staff member to go with him to each location. This is not a disruptive process as with 360 filming there cannot be any lighting or sound equipment in the shot, Hence filming can take place without in any way inconveniencing your guests.


After he has completed filming he will send all the shot 360 video footage to Studio Virtasia for post-production compiling, editing, adding audio track, rendering and the production of any word overlays or descriptions required for each scene.

If so desired by hotel management, Mr. Phillips will also spend some time with managerial and or marketing staff to explain the importance of Virtual Tours and how they should be used in your marketing campaigns.

Mr. Phillips will not charge any money for his time, training or filming during this 2022 campaign he is donating his time to this project, as his contribution to the rebuilding of Vietnam's Travel & Tourism Industry after COVID 19. 

Mr. Phillips has negotiated a very minimal Post Production Cost from Studio Virtasia of just vnd 1,200,000 per minute to edit, compile, add audio and visual overlays and then render the final Virtual Tour, ready for uploading to your web site or marketing campaigns. He suggests that a 360 Virtual Tour of your hotel be no longer than 4 minutes. However you may wish to make a number of individual tours. For example you may want a 3 minute Virtual Tour of all aspects of your hotel. Then another two minute Virtual Tour of just your room types, and another Virtual Tour of your restaurants & bars, etc.

Mr. Phillips will continue to oversee all aspects of the post-production work of your 360 Virtual Tour(s) to ensure it meets his high 360 filming production standards.


Mr. Phillips has arranged with Studio Virtasia, that participating Hotels in the Virtual Tours Campaign will not have to pay the vnd 1,200,000 per minute Post Production Costs until they have received a copy of their Virtual Tour video and are 100% satisfied with the results. 



With his years of experience promoting scores of films & videos, Mr. Phillips is also going to establish numerous, free to participate, Vietnamese Tourism Promotional social media initiatives on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc, to further promote the hotels and destinations participating in the 2022 Video Tours Campaign to the global audience.


One such promotional activity will be a new Youtube Channel called “Vietnam Virtual Tours.” This channel will be a must for potential travellers looking to book their next holiday destination in SE Asia, as it will include all the Virtual Tours of hotel & accommodation options, attractions, destinations, restaurants, etc produced by the campaign. Each Virtual Tour video on the channel, will contain links to the Hotel’s or Destination’s web site where viewers will be able to immediately book their holiday arrangements.

Social Media Platforms.png

Mr. Phillips can only donate 25% of his working time in Vietnam to the


which means he can only plan & film 2-3 virtual tours per week.

Hence it is strongly suggested hotels which wish to take advantage of Mr. Phillips' kind donation of his time & expertise to produce a world class

5k 360 VR Virtual Tour of their facilities, need to register their interest early.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long after Mr. Phillips films my Virtual Tour, will it be before I receive a copy of my Virtual tour?

No longer than 7 working days.

How many minutes should my Virtual Tour be?

It really depends on the size of your location and how many features your hotel has that you wish to showcase. Each scene should be about 12-15 seconds long. Hence if you work out how many scenes you want to include in your Virtual Tour, you can estimate the length of your video. For a small boutique hotel, 90 seconds should be enough, whereas for a large 5 star hotel with many types of rooms, swimming pool, gym, restaurants, etc, it may require a 4-6 minute Virtual Tour, or the making of 2 or 3 different Virtual Tours which are focused on different aspects of the hotel.


How will I receive my copy of my Virtual Tour video?

You will initially view it on our private channel. Once you have approved the video we will send you a digital copy which you can down load and embed into your web site and other promotional & marketing activities. If you want we can also deliver the video on a memory stick, so you always have a hard copy of your virtual tour. You will just need to pay the cost of the memory stick, which is approximately vnd100,000.


What if I am not happy with my Virtual Tour?

If you are not happy with your Virtual Tour video, you do not have to pay anything.


How long will it take before Mr. Phillips films my hotel’s virtual tour video?

Mr. Phillips shoots Virtual Tours of hotels on a first come first serve basis. It just depends how many hotels have booked a Virtual Tour video shoot before you. The best way to ensure your shoot happens quickly is to book your Virtual Tour video early.


Are there any other costs other than the editing costs of vnd1,000,000 per minute?

The only other costs are as stated above. You will need to contribute towards Mr. Phillips’ travel costs to your destination from Vung Tau to your destination. This cost of course depends on where your destination is. For hotels in HCMC this cost would be vnd900,000. For hotels in Hanoi, this cost would be vnd1,500,000. The only other cost would be for a memory stick if you wanted a hard copy of your video. A good quality 32GB Kingston Memory Stick is approximately vnd100,000.


What will I need to provide Mr. Phillips while he is filming at my location?

You will need to provide,

  • One person to go around with Mr. Phillips while he is filming on location.

  • A day room where Mr. Phillips can work with his computer and video equipment.

  • If you want night time shots in your Virtual Tour, such as the Executive Lounge, etc, you will need to provide an overnight room for Mr. Phillips.


What locations in Vietnam is Mr. Phillips prepared to go to?

Mr. Phillips is prepared to go to any destination where there is suitable transport available to take him to the destination.

Why Is Mr. Phillips donating some of his time to this project in 2022?

The tourism industry of Vietnam is a huge employer of young graduates. However because of the terrible, but necessary covid lock downs these past 2 years, tens of thousands of young people lost their jobs and careers through no fault of their own. Mr. Phillips believes if he can assist re-establish the Vietnamese tourism industry as a number one destination in SE Asia, he can help create tens of thousands of well paid employment opportunities for young Vietnamese graduates. This is Mr. Phillips’ goal.

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