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Studio Virtasia has taken major leaps forward in the past three months, in establishing itself as a world class animation company.

Naturally Covid 19 has required us to rethink our timeline for implementing  our global marketing strategy. For the past three months it has been impossible to break into the global news cycles, which as I am sure you all realize, have been 100% focused on the effects of the pandemic. However we believe the August- September time-frame, offers a fairly good window for us to implement our global marketing strategies.  

We have put this update online, rather than as an email, as we will be displaying a range of our digital products, etc, for your viewing, which are now in production.

LOGO-3D-VIRTASIA--small size.png

For those of you who have been following the production of the various episodes of Virtasian Tales, you would know we now have the first 4 episodes available for viewing on our web site. In total this represents approximately one hour of 3D animation. Episode 5, will be released Friday 31 July. We have already created all the back drops and characters for Episode 6, which we will be releasing in August.

Episode 5 and 6 are very important episodes of Virtasian Tales, as they introduce the two very mischievous but lovable characters of the story, Book and Zac. We also find out how Gran got to Virtasia all those years ago using Einstein's time machine. And we meet the villain of our story for the first time, Glitch

Book in Library.jpg

The first 4 episodes were needed to introduce viewers to the main characters, Bellasini and Gran, and establish the overall story line of Virtasian Tales. However, from Episode 5 onward, there is always at least one very enthralling magical scene within each episode, which is sure to have viewers young and old mesmerized, and wanting to see more. You can see lots of previews and extracts from the movies at

A short preview from Episode 5

Now that each new episode of Virtasian Tales will definitely captivate viewers, young and old, we can begin our strong social media marketing campaign, aimed at selling yearly Family Subscriptions, to view all 36 exciting episodes, of Virtasian Tales as they are released.

Our aim in August 2020 is to sell a minimum of 1,000 subscriptions/week which at $8.50/subscription will deliver a US$384,000 income per year.



Studio Virtasia has undertaken a Vietnamese Fairy Tales Project. We aim to produce two, five to seven minute fairy tales per month. Each fairy tale is being produced utilizing income from advertisers, and product placements. Approximately US$10,000/ fairy tale.

Unlike Virtasian Tales, which we will sell subscriptions for, all Vietnamese fairy tales will be uploaded to Youtube, and will gain their yearly income stream from Youtube advertisers. It is expected we will earn US$500/month from each uploaded video onto Youtube. This may not seem much but in 12 months from now we will have 24 videos online which will earn us US$12,000/month for the next 20 years. Hence this project represents a zero cost to us initially, but has the ability to deliver substantial long term incomes.

You can read more about this project, and see previews of the first three fairytales under production by clicking here


Another of our new global animation products is Sini’s Travels. Hundreds of world class tourist destinations around the world, are being financially devastated, by the extended travel bans imposed because of Covid 19.

Without doubt every destination is now desperately searching for new low cost, high penetration promotion which will assist quickly bring back tourists, to their destinations, when travel bans are finally relaxed, in various countries.

As I am sure you are aware, the production of new destination marketing videos and campaigns can be extremely costly for Governments and Tourism Bureaus. Salaries, airfares, accommodation, meals, transport and local support for models, actors or social media influences, along with their entourage, film & production crews, etc, can run into tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We are offering to produce for destinations, a 90 second 3D animated promotional video, and 15 photographs  of Bellasini, Gemma and Book, visiting the key locations and attractions within their destination for US$1,750.

However, once again the payment we receive for the production of these videos will not be our main source of income.  We will be generating significant income from these videos and photos from Google ads, etc each month. This will give the company a significant income each month for the next 20 years.

You can read much more about this product by clicking here

Sini & Gemma on Forest walk.jpg



We are also offering investors the opportunity to become a 50% partner with Studio Virtasia in the making of a short 3D animated movie, which will be uploaded onto Youtube.

Investors can select a 5-10 minute short story, fairy tale, etc they would like to invest in, or leave that decision to the Social Media experts at Studio Virtasia.

Each one minute of 3D animation, at cost, which includes scene and backdrop creation, character development, rigging, and animation, etc, costs approximately US$2,200/minute. Hence a 5 minute Animated Movie would, at cost, cost Studio Virtasia approximately US$11,000 to produce.

As a 50% partner with Studio Virtasia, they would put up US$5,500 and Studio Virtasia would put up the remaining US$5,500. If they selected a 10 minute animated Video it would naturally cost them double this price. Studio Virtasia recommends that Investors select a 4-7 minute video as it will produce the best return on your investment.

We would share the Youtube Advertising Revenues with the investor for the next 20 years.

You can read more about this initiative by clicking here

If you have any questions regards this Update please direct them to

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