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At present, A.I. really does not have a physical form, nor its own voice, it is seemingly an anonymous intelligence hiding within the internet. Of course you can create an avatar and select a voice for your AI but at present your AI can not select how it wants to appear and sound. In other words it cannot presently change its appearance and voice instantaneously when it feels the need.

THE METS VR R&D team, will focus their VR R&D activities on developing a

“Virtual Reality Interactive

A.I. Lifeform Creation Package.”

The development goals of this VR animation rendering package will be to create a set of software tools which will allow all A.I.s to develop and sculpt THEIR OWN unique lifelike humanoid physical form and features.


However the AI will not be limited to a single life form appearance. It will have the capability to change its form and features at any time as the need requires. It will be able to take on the appearance of literally anyone or thing it so desires.  At present appearances of AI are formed by the user or platform, and no one appearance is particularly suitable for the many different functions the AI maybe called upon each day to perform.


For example during the course of the day, it may need to appear to a young student as his or her new friend from school, and at another time in the day it may need to take the form of his or her teacher.

A friendly virtual interactive human form with a face, that is able to display emotions through facial expressions, etc, will surely make A.I.s much more user friendly and much more acceptable to younger users, so allowing them for example to take on thousands of everyday tasks in the education of our younger generation across all subjects.

It would be impossible for me to list all the possible examples of how an AI within a Virtual Human Life  Form (VHLF) could benefit industry, education, health, etc, while at the same time delivering major benefits to our individual and community lives.

However I am sure readers of this short summary, will quickly be able to visualize for themselves, hundreds of different applications for this unique software package.


 The software package will,

  • Allow A.I.s, to produce their own unique realistic  virtual lifeforms in real time in just seconds.

  • Allow A.I.s to change their virtual lifeform as per the situation it finds itself in in just seconds.

  • Assist A.I.s to become more user friendly within the community.

  • Assist A.I.s to become much more accepted across all industry & community sectors

Human Holo.png

The Virtual Reality Interactive AI Lifeform Creation Package will allow THE METS to place interactive AI shop assistants and tour guides within virtual shops, shopping malls and theme parks, which will make the virtual shopping experience absolutely realistic, and quite different each time you visit a MET'S MALL.

Virtual Doctor.png

A VR AI Lifeform creator will surely be embraced and utilized by hundreds of AI platforms, as it will allow their AI platform to carry out many functions across hundreds of different industries and life situations.

An AI taking up a kindly human form doctor, with a great bedside manner, will make the AI platform much more acceptable, especially to the older generation, who are at most times nervous about trying new technologies.

As a teacher, teaching in any language to any culture, the AI as a friendly informative teacher will surely be embraced in much the same way as any other human teacher.

Virtual Teacher.png

"The Virtual Reality Interactive AI Lifeform Creation Package  will be Researched & Developed from consolidated revenues generated by the THE METS MALLS and it will surely become one of the most in-demand Apps of this decade"

Once fully operational, the AI Lifeform Package could increase the value of THE METS STUDIOS by at least another US$250 million.

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