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As can be seen from the videos on this page, the shop front and street signage of the Storyteller’s street, are continually in the camera’s lens, as the Storyteller tells the children his tale.


There are approximately 12, storyteller and children street scenes, in each video. Thus each shop front and sign gets a considerable amount of exposure within each video.

However, the signs do not look out of place in the background, as we select signage that really do exist on Vietnamese streets.

*NB A different street within Vietnam will be featured in each video. Hence if you are not happy with the appearance of one street you can elect have your sign appear in a different video.




Signage Placement pricing is based on the position and size of the sign within the street.

The Signage Placement Price on or near the three (3) shops, on either side of the street, closest to the Storyteller, is vnd 2,000,000 per sign.

The Signage Placement Price of all other signs within the street is vnd 1,000,000 per sign

If you would like to find out more about Signage Placements 

please contact

Ngo Thi Minh Tram

Vietnamese Fairy Tales

Project Manager

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