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Snack Food &  Drink 

Placement Information

The main character in Virtasian Tales is a 15 year old tech savvy school girl named Bellasini. A young girl, who like almost all teenagers today, enjoys her snacks & drinks. 


Bellasini and her friend Gemma, open up huge product exposure opportunities for Snack Food & Drink manufacturers within the twelve, 3D animated episodes of, Virtasian Tales.

In fact within the first 35 minute episode of Virtasian Tales, Bellasini's Snack Foods & Drink will appear in vision for approximately 10 minutes. 

Bedroom scenes

Approximately 5 minutes of the first 35 minute video is set in Bellasini's bedroom.


Like all teenage girls Bellasini will have snack food and drinks within easy reach most of the time. 

There will be many different camera angles and Bellasini will be in different poses within the room. However the snack food & drinks will always be near her, in her hand, or on her desk 

Kitchen Scenes

The kitchen is where Bellasini and her mother meet on the morning of her birthday.

A very interesting scene which introduces the glitch that begins to take over Bellasini's home town

In the kitchen scene which lasts approximately 2 minutes, snack food & drinks will be displayed on the kitchen cupboards.

The Narrator Scenes

The narrator and children will appear in shot for approximately half of the 35 minutes of the first MOOK.

There will be many different camera angles focusing on different elements within the room.

Whether its watching a movie or listening to a story, all children like to snack on different things while they are sitting there.

Having snack food and drinks in shot will not seem out of place, as this is a very normal activity for children.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is about to take the advertising world by storm. It opens up so many possibilities for Advertisers to produce 3D animated holographic vision of their products. 

Studio Virtasia will be producing its Illustrated books and Crystal Heart Cards with Augmented Reality 3D animations which will wow young readers.


As Bellasini and Gemma are modern , young teenagers it will not seem out of place that snack food and drinks are always with her, in the Augment Reality scenes. 

As well as appearing in the world's first 3D animated MOOKs, placement advertisers will also appear in the Augmented Reality Illustrated books.

Virtasian Tales episode one, offers Snack Food & Drink manufacturers a great opportunity to have their product associated with young tech savvy teenagers.

Virtasian Tales will be introducing the World's First MOOK, to a global audience. Having your products associated with this world's first application, will surely result in positive sales outcomes.


Mr Phillips, the author and producer of Virtasian Tales, will be travelling extensively  to promote the MOOK, Books and Augmented Reality. 

Snack Food & Drink 

Advertising Placement Fee

Virtasian Tales - Episode One

as per timings above, 


Payment Structure

60% - upon signing contract

40% - upon world wide release of MOOK

The Snack Food & Drink manufacturers which take up Placement in Episode One, will have first right of refusal for Episode Two.

For Further information please contact,

Mr Paul Phillips



+84 933 401 006

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