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The characters and settings of Virtasian Tales are set in pristine forests, city and ocean-scapes.

The Team at Studio Virtasia is acutely aware that these are not the landscapes our children and grand children are destined to inherit, if more is not done today, to create awareness and activities to protect them.

The main characters of the story Bellasini, including Gemma, David and Bellasini herself, are all environmentalists, who are promoting action against deforestation and climate change by way of wearing anti-deforestation, and climate change tee-shirts. 

Studio Virtasia will also mass produce under license the various nature-loving tee shirts the group wear in MOOKs, and videos. 

Furthermore each year Studio Virtasia will produce a number of non-political, free to air,

'Environmental Awareness & Action' 

short videos. 


Utilizing our complete set of lovable characters, these videos will aim to get more young people involved in taking action within their communities to protect and grow their forests and ecosystems, and to install and support the further growth of renewable energy and energy efficient products within their communities.


Studio Virtasia anticipates that a plethora of concerned global Corporations, Governments and Climate Change & Reforestation Associations and Organisations will want to have their names tied to these short videos, and will therefore sponsor the making of them.  

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