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As you would be aware, if you have read the story or viewed her movies at Bellasini possesses the ability to travel to wherever she likes in the world, simply by clashing her two bracelets together.

Bellasini who is now 18 years old, has a love of adventure, hence she likes to travel to exciting new places she finds on her laptop or mobile phone. She is a 'Generation Z' person, which are known to be eco-friendly and very protective of the environment.

Hence Sini, as her friends like to call her, prefers to travel to destinations which are unspoiled, environmentally aware, or are eco-tourism destinations.

Sometimes she travels to places alone, but most times she takes her best friend Gemma. And you can be sure, Mr. Book, who is Bellasini’s mischievous travel almanac, will always pop up, to check on how things are going, and to explain anything she needs to know about the destination she is at


Sini and Gemma by pool.jpg



At each destination, Bellasini will produce a series of videos and photographs, of her visits to different locations, attractions, activities, accommodation and general travels which she will, in different formats, add to her newly created ‘Sini’s Travels’ Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube pages.

It is anticipated, these pages will gain millions of views and followers, with the expectation that some of her videos will even go viral, on different social media platforms.


The global Covid 19 lock downs, and travel bans, have decimated many great tourist destinations. However, some countries are now relaxing travel bans, thus creating an ever growing pool of young travelers, who wish to once again, resume their global adventures.


These young environmentally aware global travelers, which are our target audience, are now looking to identify and travel to, pristine, safe, clean, eco-friendly destinations, which offer a great range of activities for active young people. Bellasini to, will only travel to those destinations which meet these criteria, with the aim of highlighting them, to her ever growing list of followers.

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The cost of salaries, airfares, accommodation, meals, transport and local support, for models, actors or social media influences, along with their entourage, film & production crews, etc, etc, to your destination, to film a new series of Destination Promotional Videos, can run into ten’s if not hundred’s of thousands of dollars.

Utilizing exciting 3D animated female characters, and their sidekick Book, for destination promotional videos, makes a lot of commercial sense, while adding an exciting new twist to normal run of the mill, repetitious, vlogger travel videos. Furthermore, these characters are very attractive to young people who are our target demographic for ‘Sini’s Travels,’ on all social media platforms. And we do not have to wait until travel restrictions are lifted and flights to be scheduled to start filming and production.

There are,

  • No salaries to pay

  • No business class airfares to pay

  • No accommodation costs to pay

  • No meal costs to pay

  • No support staff costs to pay

  • No Delays


Each Destination, just needs to provide us with the appropriate HD video footage, and photographs from their film library. Or if they do not have appropriate stock footage we will advise them what to shoot. New videos can be shot on a good quality smart phone. The rest of the production magic, occurs in our high tech 3D animation studio.

Sini & Gemma on Forest walk.jpg


Once Studio Virtasia starts the production of 'Sini's Travels' to each destination, and we have received all necessary video footage and photos, it take just 4 weeks to complete and begin uploading to Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

I think most experts agree that the existing travel restrictions, will begin being slowly lifted by nations, in the October-November 2020 time period. Hence Destinations need to begin to plan and produce their ‘Welcome Back’, global marketing campaigns in the next month or two.


Studio Virtasia will be producing each video, in both English and Vietnamese. Vietnam has a clean bill of health with regards covid19, with only a few new cases being found and quarantined among returning citizens, To date, there have been no deaths.

Vietnam is a nation of 100 million people, many of whom are quite affluent, and keen to explore the world. As Vietnam is sure to be among the first nations that foreign countries will be keen to accept tourists from, it only makes sense to add them to any serious Destination Marketing Campaign, aimed at bringing back tourists quickly in 2020.

Sini Gemma selfie beach.jpg



The ‘Sini Destination Packages,’ OPTION 1

  1. One 90 second full HD video in both English and Vietnamese which will contain the 3D animated characters, Bellasini and Gemma talking, or undertaking activities at the destination and camera pans of the view, or surroundings. Videos could comprise 90 seconds at one site within the Destination, or you might wish to do three or 4 shorter shoots at 3 or 4 different sites, within the Destination.

  2. A set of 15 HD photographs, of Bellasini and Gemma enjoying themselves, doing different things at the Destination, as per examples on this web page, which you will maintain full rights over to utilize in any future local, international or digital media promotion campaign.




The ‘Sini Destination Packages,’ OPTION 2

  1. A set of 15 HD photographs, of Bellasini and Gemma enjoying themselves, doing different things at the Destination, as per examples on this web page, which you will maintain full rights over to utilize in any future local, international or digital media promotion campaign.



If you are responsible for the marketing of an 

eco-friendly tourism Destination 

and would like to have Bellasini, Gemma and Book visit it

Please Contact

Mr Paul Phillips

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