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Raggedy Ann, and her equally spirited rag brother, Andy, are probably the world's best-known and most adored rag dolls.

The original book, called Raggedy Ann Stories, was written and illustrated in 1918 by the American author Johnny Gruelle.


The first book contains 13 short stories, about the adventures of Raggedy Ann and her friends.

Studio Virtasia, has started the process of converting these now public domain classic works, into thirteen, 3D animated Motion Picture Books


This will allow future generations of young children, to embrace Raggedy Ann and her adventures.

The picture alongside is the updated 3D animated model of Raggedy Ann which we will be utilizing in all the new Raggedy Ann Motion Picture Books. We believe this new look Raggedy Ann will be much loved by a new generation of Raggedy Ann fans.


Raggedy Ann is not a new, or untried product. Raggedy Ann is already a proven multi-million dollar business. What has changed, is that any books written before 1923 are now in the public domain. Raggedy Ann Stories, the book we will be making into MOOKs, was published in 1918 by Johnny Gruelle. Hence there is no longer any copyright protection over these stories.

However, as far as new Raggedy Ann movies go, a quick search of YouTube, will reveal there has been none in recent years. It must also be remembered that Motion Picture Books are a brand new media form. Hence they will not have any competitors in this market space.

The existing, and potential new audience for Raggedy Ann Motion Picture Books, can only be measured in the millions globally, over the next 25 Years. 


Each of the 13 Raggedy Ann Motion Picture Books (MOOKs), of ten minutes long. The Production Time of each MOOK, will be 3 months.

Studio Virtasia is now seeking International Corporations, to consider taking up SPONSORSHIP of one of the Raggedy Ann Motion Picture Books, by way of contributing,



  • Corporate Sponsors can place a 15 second suitable advertisement at the beginning of the 10 minute Raggedy Ann episode.

  • Many of the Raggedy Ann stories have fantastic opportunities for product placements. Sponsors will be matched with stories that best allow product placements of their particular products.

  • Your company will be recognized, in a full screen credit with your logo, within the end credits of your selected MOOK, as the Honored Supporter of this Motion Picture Book.

  • Your Company will be able to utilize at no cost, any of the 3D animated characters within your supported Motion Picture Book, for corporate advertising, and public relations initiatives, for the next 12 months. This benefit alone could easily be valued at tens of thousands of dollars for your company.

  • Company representatives, will be invited to participate at the world Premier, and subsequent media conference, of your selected story.

  • Your Company will be invited to, decorate the conference room with corporate advertising & promotion materials, where the premier of your Raggedy Ann movie, and media conference, is to be staged. 

  • It is expected, each Raggedy Ann Motion Picture Book will be watch by more than 10 million children and families, etc on Youtube, over the next few years, thus giving your company, enormous exposure. 

  • We expect your Youtube Motion Picture Book Video, will be watched by not only millions from this generation, but also tens of millions from future generations, over the course of the next 75 years.

If you would like to find out more about this Sponsorship Opportunity please contact

Mr. Paul Philips


The Raggedy Ann Project

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