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Motion Picture e-Books are without doubt the most important step forward for childhood learning and reading enjoyment for the last 50 years.

Specifically designed to be read best on the five plus inch screens of modern day smartphones, Motion Picture e-Books allows children to read a passage of text, and view an animated movie of the passage of text they have just read, on a single screen, without any scrolling. They can then turn the page to read and view the next page’s text and movie on a single screen.

Short Video explaining how

Motion Picture e-Books


(Vietnamese Language)

Short Video explaining how

Motion Picture e-Books


(English Language)

Starfruit 500px.jpg

Traditional e-books take no advantage of the high tech device, computing power, or high resolution screen which children are viewing them on. They simply upload their existing text and pictures to the web.

Motion Picture e-books on the other hand, place a state of the art, 1080 resolution, 30 frames per second, 3D animation on the viewing screen for the child reader to watch after he or she has finished reading the text. The video has no sound, as any sounds or actor’s voices, would distract the child from reading the text.

Please click on this link on your smartphone (LINK to e-Motion Picture Book) so you can best appreciate why motion picture e-books will take Vietnam’s teaching and reading communities by storm.

When you view our draft e-book on your smart phone, you will see mock up ads at the bottom of each page. These advertising spaces are now available for advertisers, wishing to promote their company or products to our viewers.

3 Axes 500px.png
Tich Chu 500px.png

The first 3 motion picture e-books, Tich Chu, Golden Starfruit, 3 Axes can be viewed at our specially designed web site,


In the lead up to our Motion Book Premier, Studio Virtasia will be undertaking a massive media and press release campaign, so as to create even greater awareness and excitement of this new learning application.

As these stories are part of the Vietnamese educational curriculum for primary school students we expect these stories will have a major impact on language and reading teaching in Vietnam, it is expected tens of thousands of government, teachers, parents and children will view these first three e-books in November and December 2020. It will be a great time to demonstrate your company’s commitment to assisting develop the scholastic abilities of our young children.

Studio Virtasia looks forward to working with Vietnamese companies, which also see the need to develop new reading and learning applications for our children, so they can move to the forefront of the ever growing, ultra-competitive, global work place.

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