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Motion Picture Books



Today, young people, no matter where they live in the world, have instantaneous access to millions of online videos and movies, which are easy to watch and absorb on their smart devices. This new technological phenomenon has made it less attractive for young people to contemplate sitting down for the five or six hours required to read a good book.

However it is more than just book sales which are suffering.


Mr. Paul Phillips is a renowned IT entrepreneur, who has previously put into place a number of initiatives to stimulate the creativity and inventiveness of young IT students, and Professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. The most note worthy was his creation of the Asia-Pacific IT Awards in conjunction with the Prime Minister of Malaysia. 


Mr Phillips observed from his 15 years of IT industry development in the Asia-Pacific Region, that young people were no longer undertaking the basic personal development activities, required to stimulate creativity and inventiveness within their own personal attributes.


For example, reading a book requires the reader to themselves conjure up and re-create the worlds, characters, situations, and actions that the author's words describe or express within the pages of their book. This undertaking of personal visualization by the reader, unintentionally, dramatically assists cultivate his or her imagination, inventiveness, and creativity, to name but a few human characteristics reading books expands. Human traits that have been, and will continue to be critically important for the future development of human society, at all levels.

On the other hand, movies spoon feed young viewers, creating on screen visualizations  for every detail of the story. Leaving nothing for the imagination of the viewer, to create within his or her own mind.

Mr Phillips decided it was critically important that he makes reading books or similar once again popular with the younger generation. To achieve his goal he wrote Virtasian Tales, and spent 6 years developing a MOOK. 


Written words, and pictures are no longer enough to attract young people back to reading books. The younger generation now require video or animated content delivered to their smart devices via such mediums as the App Store, Google Play or Youtube.


To address this need, Studio Virtasia has developed the world's first MOOK.  An application which brings together the creativity of an author's written words within a book, with the live excitement, of 3D Animated movies, in a single media form. 

MOOKs   bring together the best of books and movies in a single media form. 50% of the story is 3D action animations of the story, and 50% is of the 3D animated Storyteller, reading the story to a small group of young people.

This media form will give young viewers the animated  content they need to keep them interested, while at the same time allowing them to conjure up scenes within their minds, during the periods, where the animated storyteller is reading the story aloud.

Being able to balance the time between the storyteller and the 3D animated scenes of the book, as well as the selection of scenes for each, are the skill sets required by a Motion Picture Book Director.



In this day and age, nearly every person of our target market, consisting of more than a billion people, have a smart device, and access to the internet.

MOOKs will stimulate a new generation of creative thinkers for nations and industries.

Governments & industries will openly support the concept of MOOKs, as they are already spending millions to try and build more creativity into their younger populations.

MOOKs will be a great intermediary between books, and movies, as they draw upon the entertainment strengths of both medias.  

MOOKs will make Books a lot more acceptable and enjoyable for younger people of today’s technological era.

The MOOKs of Virtasian Tales will be great bedtime stories for young children as they are narrated  for just 30 minutes.


MOOKs are great for young children who may not yet have the reading skills, to read a 100 page book. 

The narrator in each MOOK will read aloud the entire book exactly the way the author meant it to be read.

Authors can now turn their books into MOOKs for a small fraction of the cost it takes to make them into a movie. 

MOOK's are easily produced in a multitude of languages as it is simply a matter of changing the voice and language of the storyteller. There will be no need for subtitles, or voice overs, which can be very off putting for viewers.

MOOKs will appeal to all ages.

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