This short clip is of Gran and Bellasini walking through the forest.

Although this is not the final edit of this clip, it still has to have a few things fixed and background sounds added, I hope it gives you a better understanding of the detail that goes into each of our scenes within the MOOK. 


To give you a better appreciation of the time and technical requirements needed to render a 3D animated scene as detailed as the one above, let me share the following with those who maybe interested.


Let me first state that just 3-4 years ago this scene would have been impossible to render at a small to medium animation studio. Only with the most recent advances in both graphics cards and software, are we able to achieve such detailed scenes, in 1080 HDD resolution. 

Even today, most computers would have trouble, if at all possible,  rendering just one frame of this scene at 1080 resolution. And it would take hours.

The above scene is 32 seconds long which means it comprises 960 frames. (30 frames/second)

Studio Virtasia utilizing specialized hand built computers, with multiple RTX2080ti graphics cards, and the latest version of Blender animation software, is able to render one frame of the above scene in just 65 seconds.  However, as fast as this sounds, it still means the above scene took 17 hours to render.


If you have a calculator handy you can quickly work out how long it takes us to render a 30 minute, high quality 3D animated movie.


Luckily we have 3 similar computers running 24/7.

I hope that gives you a better insight, into the 3D animation industry that you are now involved in, and the production challenges we face daily.  However, I am always available if you have any other questions regards any aspects of the 3D animation processes.

The above video, which again is not the finished product, as it still needs sound effects, etc added, is of Bellasini the morning of her birthday. This scene I believe demonstrates the number of characters our team needs to animate within some scenes.

This is the Let's Dance video, for those of you whom may not yet have seen it.

We are utilizing free videos such as the one above on Youtube, to promote our Facebook Page, and web site.

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