Just planting new trees, or donating money to plant trees, even if it is a million new trees, does little to address the enormous problem of global deforestation. On average 2.47 million trees are cut down per day, 900 million per year, which equates to 28 million hectares of forests being cut down each year; or a football field of forest, lost every single second.

The only hope we have to address deforestation and reforestation, is to somehow create a global generation, consisting of a billion people or more, drawn from every nation, which will remain very focused and vigilant on rectifying these enormous problems, over the course of the next 50-100 years. The REGENERATION GENERATION.’

It has been well proven, that if you teach a child or youth a habit or pastime, it will stay with them for life. With that in mind, the Million Trees & Messages Project (MTMP) has been specifically designed to get school & university aged children around the world no matter what language they speak actively engaged, and in fact driving reforestation of native forests in their region.

If we can successfully achieve the aims & objectives of the Million Trees & Messages Project (MTMP) with respect youths, we will have created a global generation of young people, who will remain committed to restoring the world's forests for at least the next 50 years,

The MTMP will script and produce 24-30 high quality 3D animated Reforestation instructional documentaries per year, which it will load onto social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok, which are designed to encourage, and engage young people, to initiate their own Micro-Reforestation Projects in their home towns and regions. Reforestation Projects which will not only improve the lives and livelihoods of community members who are reliant on the forests, but will also create meaningful long term employment opportunities, for young people.


The more entrepreneurial of these young people will take the reforestation opportunities a step further, with more training provided by the MTM videos, which will teach them how to establish their very own ecopreneurial businesses within the reforestation green economy


Creating engaging 3D animated Reforestation Instructional documentaries in ALL the languages of the world, which will be uploaded to various Social Media Platforms & viewed by billions of young people on their smart devices, which will entice and encourage young people, no matter where they live in the world, or what their social standing is, to participate in the,

'Million Trees & Messages Project'.



Reforestation & Ecoprenerial Instruction

Each of the initial thirty, 5-7 minute 3D animated videos, will focus on a particular aspect of forest regeneration, and or preservation, in line with suggestions from organizations such as, the United Nations, and World Wide Fund for Nature, that young people can safely participate in.

The Million Trees & Messages videos will also try to assist young  ecopreneurs in towns or villages in all corners of the globe, identify the enormous potential employment and income opportunities reforestation presents for themselves and their community.


The format of the Million Trees & Messages documentaries, with their single Storyteller voice over, narrating each scene of the video, enables each documentary to be easily reproduced in all the languages of the world. This is a true strength of the Million Trees & Messages Project, as it allows us to easily produce a single five minute 3D animated video, as 100 different videos, each with a different language voice over. 

Producing the 3D animations for a five minute video is costly. Approximately US$3,500/minute or US$17,500 for a five minute video. However, translating, recording, editing and re-rendering, the same 3D animated video with a new language track only costs approximately US$500-750 per video.

This low cost methodology for producing Million Trees & Messages videos into every language of the world, will allow every young person in the world, no matter what language they speak, to fully participate in the Million Trees & Messages Project



Placing a message in a bottle next to each tree planted by students, is we believe a critically important piece of the Million Trees & Messages Project.

Placing a message inside a bottle and burying it like a time capsule, has always been seen as a very adventurous, and enchanting thing to do by young people. The Million Trees & Messages Project, encourages students to place a note inside a bottle next to their tree, proclaiming to future generations who planted this tree, on what date. The message should also have the student’s reasons for planting this tree, and their hopes and desires for this forest, and the future generations who will benefit from the fresh air it produces each day.

Exchanging ideas, and creating the messages for each bottle, will give teachers of each class, the opportunity to talk further about climate change, and the horrific impacts deforestation is going to have on future generations.

Furthermore burying a personalized note from a student next to the tree he or she has just planted, will we believe create a very strong bond between the student and their tree. This feeling of ownership over his or her tree, will result in the student caring and protecting their tree, and the forest that they are helping to create, for many months and years.

After 150 years or so, when the tree eventually dies, young people of future generations will unearth the bottles, and read the hopes, dreams and wishes, young people had for their generation, when they planted that tree, all those years ago. The bottles and their notes, will surely become treasured possessions, of very thankful future generations.

message in Bottle 2.jpg


Studio Virtasia is in the process of obtaining Corporate and Government support to partner with local NGO's to stage a number of Million Trees & Messages Roadshows in various nations.

Roadshows will be undertaken to the regional & rural communities of Developing Nations. The aims of the roadshow will be,

  • Visit more than two hundred primary & secondary schools per year, located in regional & rural towns & communities.

  • Assist schools with their Million Trees & Messages Programs

  • Provide assistance & training for the establishment & upkeep of Tree Nurseries

  • Meet with local government  to promote their further involvement in the program

  • Present Million Trees & Messages Certificate of Participation to classes participating in project

  • Donate native tree seeds and equipment needed by the school for the Tree Nursery.

  • Meet with local industries who are supporting the school's Nurseries & tree planting

  • Meet with local media to further promote the efforts of participating schools

  • Meet with local universities etc, who can assist schools with forestry plantings.

  • Conduct Parent & community information presentations regards deforestation and climate change


 The Million Trees & Messages Bus

'Cinema on Wheels'

The importance of the Million Trees & Messages Buses cannot be overstated.


The bus, covered in lovable decals of their favorite 3D animated characters, is sure to be an instant hit with local children, wherever it goes. Furthermore it will not only transport, staff, media, government personnel and industry executives to various school tree plantings each week, it will also be fitted out to be a mobile cinema, with a 65 inch TV and sound system installed behind its rear doors.

This will give the bus the capability to stop at any school, sports arena, shopping or community center, and within minutes begin broadcasting the Million Trees & Messages community educational videos, to a group of students or local community members behind the bus.

This capability will be especially important in small regional and rural towns and villages where their access to video and internet technologies may be limited.

At each stop at each remote town and village, after the students &/or community members have watched the relevant Million Trees & Messages videos at the back of the bus, the staff will distribute a tree planting starter kit to each child.

The Starter Kit will consist of a small flower pot, a bag of soil, a tree seed and a small glass bottle for their message. It will also contain instructions how to plant their seed, take care of it, and plant it somewhere safe with their message in a bottle..