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Virtasian Tales 

has been written with merchandising at the forefront of its overall marketing strategies. The Crystal Hearts are a key merchandise item, which are sure to become a major income stream for the Studio Virtasia, 

Global Distribution Network.


Augmented Reality


The Crystal Hearts hold a very special place in the overall story line of Virtasian Tale, as they are the magical key which will allow each young person who has one, to enter Virtasia in their dreams, as the person they always dreamed of becoming.

For young people who have again started to believe in the magic of their dreams and wishes, they simply need to sleep each night with their 'Crystal Heart Card' under their pillow, and they will be transported in their dreams to Virtasia.

Studio Virtasia will be producing a set of 10 collectible Crystal Heart Cards per MOOK. Each card will have a small crystal heart inlaid into its front surface, and  will be the exact size and shape as a credit card.


brings cards to Life

The Crystal Heart Cards are not ordinary cards.

When owners of a Crystal Heart Card download the free Virtasia App from the Play or APP Store and point their phone at the card, it will come alive with a 3D animation of the Virtasian Character on the card.

Each card will have a different 3D, AR animation.

The AR of each Crystal Heart Card will make them a must have for youngsters. And because they each have a different animation we expect most children to become collectors of the whole set, from each MOOK.

The rear of each and every card will have a picture of Bellasini's hands crossed. As if she has just clashed her two bracelets together.

As you would know if you have read the book, this is how Bellasini travels between the worlds of Reality and Virtasia

When possessors of a card point their phone at this picture, a 3D hologram of Bellasini will appear. She will immediately raise her hands above her head and shout out "Virtasia." Then disappear in a puff of smoke.

This will make the card truly magical to the owner. They will see Bellasini disappear to Virtasia in front of their very eyes. So, reinforcing the card's ability to transport the owner of the card to Virtasia in their dreams.

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