The Future of Online Shopping

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Online shopping utilizing traditional search engines such as google, has unfortunately become very mundane, predictable and boring.


74% of bricks & mortar shoppers state, entertainment facilities influence their decision where to shop.


THE METS will ensure online shopping & browsing targeted at millennials, the largest segment of the global population, is even more entertaining, social, and interactive than a visit to a traditional bricks & mortar mall.


THE METS Shopping - Entertainment Mall & Theme Park when complete will boast a plethora of exciting, theatres, galleries, displays, rides, rollercoasters, escape rooms and aquariums, as well has a huge variety of shops.


Bustling with crowds of young browsing window shoppers, socializing and watching street entertainment and buskers, THE METS will severely disrupt existing online search & shopping methodologies, giving millennials hundreds of great reasons to visit it each week, even if they do not need to buy anything.  

A truly fantastic VIRTUAL RETAIL-TAINMENT centre where young people can just hang out, watch a movie, or just watch the world pass by.

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THE METS 360AB is being created as a fantastic 360 4K entertainment experience, which can be fully enjoyed by young people using one of the 15 billion mobile phones in the world today. The experience is even better when utilizing a VR headset.


However there are a 1,000 times more smart phones in the world than VR headsets (16 million). 


It is expected that the vast majority of visitors to THE METS in the next few years will be young people using their mobile phones in the 360 full screen format. You can view a rough test version of THE METS in 360AB on your phone, by viewing the promotional video attached in 4K.

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Research has shown millennials like to browse, be entertained & socialize at traditional malls. A pastime that has been totally lost to them with online shopping.


All visitors to THE METS 360AB will have to walk between the different locations, shops, Theme Park rides and attractions within the mall & park to get to their required destination or shop. Just like at a traditional bricks & mortar shopping mall, this will require them to have to walk past scores of other shops and entertainment options along the way to their destination. This presents the opportunity for shoppers to browse or window shop along the way, which more often than not will result in another stop or purchase.


After 12 months of operations, and the opening of stage 3 of THE METS 360AB, it is envisaged there will be more than 1,000 shops and entertainment options along the walkways of the mall, together with 20 flagship rides at the Theme Park.


This will present the opportunity for young shoppers & gamers to spend at least two or three hours each week just walking around and window shopping the entertainment and shopping options of the fabulous METS 360AB.

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THE METS GMC is a global online shopping mall management company, which will establish METS MALLS within all major countries of the world as well as establish its premier GLOBAL METS MALL.

All METS MALLS will have access to common entertainment activities owned and operated by THE METS, such as the Theme & Wildlife Parks, Mets concert halls, cinemas, galleries etc.

THE METS Digital Passport will be accepted for entry and discounts at all global METS MALLS irrespective of which nation it was purchased in.

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THE METS Theme Park is a prime strategic customer attraction and retention strategy.


The Theme Park will have  a minimum of four entrances in each global mall, one in each quadrant of the shopping malls.


The Theme Park will be adding new rides and attractions each month and is expected to attract millions of visitors, young and old each year to THE METS and its walkways.


THE METS will open numerous cinemas in the first 12 months of operation within each national mall. The first will be fitted out and operated by THE METS management team, and will be one of the first cinemas in the world to also show VR movie productions to VR users.


Subsequent cinemas are expected to be leased by cinema chains and streaming channels.


There will be one cinema in each quadrant of THE METS.


The cinemas are expected to attract tens of thousands of customers each week to watch their favourite and new release movies.

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Young people love to watch live concerts and THE METS concert halls in each mall will be the ideal place in the world to watch them.


Initial THE METS Concert Halls will be owned & operated by THE METS, however we will quickly appoint a professional concert promoter to operate the various national METS CONCERT HALLs


Virtual Art Galleries are taking the creative world by storm.


THE METS Art Galleries in each mall will host some of the best and up & coming artists in the world today, which will draw tens of thousands of art lovers, collectors, investors and lovers of art to THE METS each month.

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Industry executives and consumers are now both very happy to attend virtual exhibitions, as they save the exhibiting company and the attendees huge amounts of time and money when compared to traditional exhibitions.


THE METS EXHIBITION CENTERs will have a prime location within each METS MALL.


Initially THE METS will own & operate the centers, however we will quickly appoint a professional operator.


THE METS WILDLIFE PARK will be targeted at families. Animals in the park will be running free and will interact with visitors.


The park will also contain fantasy animals and dinosaurs which children will not be able to see anywhere else except at THE METS WILDLIFE PARK.


There will be 4 entrances to the park in each national mall, one in each quadrant of each METS mall. It is expected that thousands of families will visit the park each week via each of the national malls

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360 3DOF has been selected for THE METS 360AB because it will allow the maximum number of new users, to access and get fully immersed in THE METS utilizing their off-the-shelf smart phone and/or a low cost VR headset.


Furthermore the processing speeds of today’s cpu’s and gpu’s are nowhere near fast enough to render 360 4k, high polygon scenes needed for 6DOF in real time, where both the scenes and multiple characters are constantly in motion. Games that elect to use 6DOF today, are forced to use low polygon characters and scenes, which may well be acceptable for young game players, however they cannot provide the complex scenes which we need to produce, such that our visitors can get fully immersed in THE METS. All scenes and characters within THE METS will be detailed and realistic, which should ensure all visitors to the mall & park truly believe they are at a bricks & mortar mall or theme park.


In a later version of THE METS 360AB we will introduce 6DOF for visitors who want more freedom of movement and interactions during their visits. However, we will not begin production on stage 2 until the speeds of GPU’s and CPU’s are such that we can continue to maintain the high quality of the park and its characters in 6DOF productions

360 VR Over Flat Screen Content


There should be no doubt that 360 and VR are now the next big things. Although they have been around for many years, 2021-2 has seen some key advances in technologies which now allow 360 & VR to become main stream entertainment platforms, for hundreds of millions of new users. These include,

  • Low cost smart phones which now have 4K screens and processors powerful enough to playback 4k 360 videos standalone, or within a VR Headset.

  • Low cost high performance VR headsets such as the Oculus Quest 2 

  • Faster internet and wifi speeds


Furthermore, developments in rendering software and GPUs, now present the opportunity for animation studios to produce VR content at a financially viable cost per minute.


Immersive 360 VR content and games, is the future of entertainment, and investing time and money into creating a flat screen game or content in 2021, would be a mistake, as flat screen content will quickly lose its appeal to viewers and players over the next few years

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THE METS 360AB will be produced as a high quality, interactive web based interactive downloadable APP for smart phones, VR headsets & computers. There are many off-the-shelf APP platforms available, and each month new platforms with additional features are released. Studio Virtasia will assess each platform once we have secured funding and select the best fit for THE METS 360AB APP.

Target Audience

THE METS, is targeted at family members across all nations and languages who in most cases will have never tried to use 360 or a VR headset. Children from the age of 4 to young adults, as well as their parents and grandparents, will find the Mall & Theme Park just as real and immersive as a trip to Universal Studios or Disneyland.


Parents and grandparents will quickly see how inexpensive it is to take all their children THE METS theme park, and so will not think twice about purchasing a yearly subscription to the park, which includes a collectable starter headset.


Unlike a VR game which has a limited potential audience and demographic, THE METS will have a huge potential audience to draw upon and market to.


Studio Virtasia will commence pre-production marketing as soon as it has secured funding for the production of THE METS 360AB.


As well as social Media platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, etc, Studio Virtasia has multiple pre-production marketing channels and methodologies available to it such as,


Virtasian Tales VR

which will see the production of the next 36 episodes of Virtasian Tales be produced in 360 VR. These episodes will be produced in English, Vietnamese, and Chinese initially, and it is expected the social media channels of VR Virtasia within Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, VEER, Instagram, etc, will gain more than 250,000 new subscribers per year. 


The Million Trees & Messages Project

is a Studio Virtasia initiative which utilizes many of its main characters, Bellasini, Gemma, Book & Zac to help halt deforestation and initiate reforestation projects at a family level. It is anticipated that more than 1,000,000 families per year will participate in this global program. The launch of the VR Virtasia Theme Park will be heavily marketed to these subscribers with short promo and teaser VR videos.