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The Studio Virtasia team is led by Mr. Paul Phillips, a man who has dedicated much of his life to the advancement and acceptance of 3D Animation, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence within our global industries and society.

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As the founder and inaugural Chairman of The Asia Pacific Information Technology Framework of Cooperation and Awards from 1995-2005, Mr. Phillips together with the Prime Minister of Malaysia, brought together the government leaders of the IT industries of 12 Asia-Pacific nations to explore and better understand the vast opportunities these exciting new technologies were surely going to present to the populations of all participating nations

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“Looking into our technological future is difficult at the best of times,” states Mr. Phillips. “Who could have predicted just 10 years ago how technologies such as our smartphones and their ancillary applications were going to penetrate every aspect of our lives, within almost every household in the world.”

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“Without doubt AI & VR are going to dramatically change every aspect of all our lives. People must understand that as much as they are today amazed by technologies such as CHATGP and the METAVERSE, in just 5 years or less these will be viewed as obsolete technologies, replaced by AIs that are infinitely more intelligent, which are solving problems to questions humankind has not yet even thought to ask, within virtual worlds they have created, which will surely have us all questioning what is reality and what is not.”


Mr. Phillips is in the process of identifying a suitable location within the global community to establish a 3D Animation, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality Research & Development Center to introduce these life changing technologies to the populations of the world, while at the same time demonstrating the exciting advantages and opportunities VR and AI will deliver to their families in the not too distant future, if they together can make the effort to better understand and embrace these technologies today.

Animation Industry Participants wherever they are located in the world, must understand that AI will change the role of animators and animation studios completely in the coming years. It is likely that within the next few years, AI will be used to produce 3D animated movies that will be indistinguishable from those that are created by human animators today. It is critically important therefore, that the present day global animation industry embraces all the new AI driven animation platforms and methodologies which are emerging if they want to remain players within the global animation industry for the foreseeable future.

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