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In its first year of operations THE METS will have established its premier Global Mall and Regional Malls in various countries and cities.

After two years of operations THE METS will have expanded to more than 20 regional & city based malls and further expanded its Premier Global Mall.

Each Mall will have direct access to all entertainment facilities such as theatres, concert halls, galleries, etc, as well as the enormous METS FAMILY THEME PARK.

Each mall will be themed along the lines of its location. For example the Australian Mall will have an Australiana theme, with the Sydney Harbor Bridge & Opera House in the background, whereas the French Mall might have the Eiffel Tower & Louvre Museum in its background


Many retailers are only interested in selling their products and or services within their region. This is mainly due to the high costs & complications of international delivery and duties. For example many food & beverage outlets, such as pizzerias, etc, only want to undertake home deliveries within their local area.

At present, many smaller franchises and single outlet retailers are excluded from leasing locations within prominent shopping malls because they do not meet the shopping center management’s strict criteria, or fall outside the targeted retailer’s mix for that particular center.

THE METS Regional Malls will present the opportunity for all retailers and F&B outlets, irrespective of their market size or financial standing, be they a startup, local, national or international brand, to lease a shop front at one or more of their desired METS locations

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The yearly lease cost for a METS shop in STAGE ONE of THE METS, is determined by its location within THE METS.


For the first year in STAGE ONE, prices will be fixed. However in subsequent years price will be determined by market forces. Lessors can protect themselves from any price increase by signing multi-year leases (60 Months Max.) in much the same way they would at a traditional bricks & mortar mall.


Each shop has a numbered street address which will be used to identify the premises being leased within the Lease Contract. The internal dimensions of each shop are boundless.


A Standard Lease Contract is for one year, after which a new yearlong contract can be negotiated and signed between the two parties. Multi-year leases for a fixed price + percentage increase, can be negotiated.


The lease price of subsequent year long contracts, will be determined by market forces at the time of signing.

All current lease contracts are transferable by the lessee




Unlike Bricks & Mortar Stores, which must be constructed from scratch at each new mall you decide to take up a location at, costing between US$100,000 -$500,000 to establish (Lease, inventory, interior design, fit-out, lighting, POS, personnel, equipment, insurance, etc) once you have produced one online virtual ecommerce shop for your brand, you can insert that Virtual Shop into every METS MALL location you decide to participate at.


This One Shop Fits All Strategy can save you millions in fit-outs, and allow you to easily take up a location at every METS regional & city Mall you desire, so allowing you to easily and cost effectively  increase your global market penetration

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THE METS will categorize potential new lessees based upon their predetermined category of either being an anchor, chain, franchise, or independent lessee and a lot them locations based upon the best mix for any given walkway of THE METS, so as to achieve maximum synergy and best tenant clusters.

THE METS Theme Park, other activities and entertainment centers will ensure traffic is being driven through the shopping mall, thus keeping tenants very happy. Tenant retention will be a strong focus of THE METS marketing team.

All THE METS malls will be open 24 hours, 365 days per year, which will give all tenants the maximum possible retail exposure to a global audience.

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Shop operators who wish a larger exposure, or frontage to their brand’s presence in THE METS can elect to lease a double frontage or corner premises. This has double the size animation atop as well.


The initial price to lease a double frontage or corner shop, which is also double frontage, in THE METS for 12 months is set by its location within THE METS


Each double or corner shop has two numbered street addresses which will be used to identify the premises being leased within the Lease Contract.

The internal dimensions of double and corner shops are boundless.



THE METS LLC will design and decorate the exterior of your leased shop, and produce a 15 second 4K 360, 3D holographic animation, which will continuously play for visitors on the 1st level of the shop 


The 3D holographic animation will be produced such that you will be able to display it on other online or electronic platforms you maybe conducting sales campaigns on. 


The shop’s exterior structure and dimensions cannot be altered.

The color of the exterior and window dressings are selected by the lessor of the shop front.


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