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Studio Virtasia seeks to raise


for a

40% share in VR Virtasia VIETNAM LLC


from one or multiple investors or partner organizations.


Their investment will be utilized at VR Virtasia Vietnam to

  • purchase the latest RTX4090 rendering computers which will be required to produce the next thirty, eight minute, 360VR, 4K, 3D episodes of VR VIRTASIA, associated teasers and English tuition videos.

  • Establish a Motion Capture Studio

  • Employ VR Animators & Marketing Staff


The first 6 episodes, along with all the development & production work needed for all the main characters and scenes have already been completed. These can be viewed within a short video by clicking here for the characters and here for the scenes, thus allowing any potential investor the opportunity to review each and every aspect of their investment into VR Virtasia. Studio Virtasia has also completed a first rough cut of episode 7, which is of course the first of the 360VR videos.


As stated above for their investment of just US$200,000 into the VR Virtasia LLC Studio in Vietnam, 

  • another 30, 8 minute episodes of VR Virtasia

  • more than 100, one minute 360 VR Virtasia teasers, 

  • numerous educational and 360 VR cultural videos

all in the English, and Vietnamese languages, which together will total more than 700 minutes of 4K, 360VR 3D animated video. This equates to a contribution to the production cost, of just US$250/minute, much, much, lower than even the low end of the industry standard for 360, 4K VR, 3D Animated video production costs of US$10,000/minute.

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Studio Virtasia has already invested considerable time and money into the production of VR Virtasia and has already completed the most time-consuming components of the production, which is the creation of the 3D characters and sets for the production which will all be vested into VR Virtasia LLC.


The VR Virtasia Studio will be able to produce 8 minutes of 3D animated 4K 360 VR Virtasia content per month, which is equivalent to one new episode per month.  Hence VR Virtasia LLC will be capable of completing all 30 episodes, totalling 240 minutes of 4K 360 VR video, in less than 30 months. It will release at least one new episode each month, in English, and Vietnamese.



After 3 years of operations VR Virtasia’s combined income streams from both VR Virtasia Vietnam is conservatively estimated to be approximately US$200,000 per month or US$2,400,000 per year.


The income streams should double each year for at least the next two years, so producing an income stream of approximately US$10,000,000 per year after year 5.


Please see attached budget, or email Mr. Paul Phillips at to receive our budget forecasts for both VR Virtasia Vietnam and China.


Of course, these are just conservative budgetary estimates. If the episodes of VR Virtasia or any of its English tuition or cultural videos goes viral the income stream could grow to be 10 or even 100 times our budget forecast.

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