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This short 360 video about plastic waste will allow you to experience the immersivness of 360 videos  on Youtube on your mobile device, or in VR.

Or you can watch the 360 video on your computer by moving your mouse, to view the 360 video from any angle.



The advent of Covid 19 has dramatically impacted the way NGOs, Governments, Educational Institutions and Renewable Energy Providers can deliver assistance and training to their targeted community members. However, the need for this training & information, has not waned. Organizations delivering training and assistance require new tools and methodologies to deliver their messages and assistance during this time of the pandemic.

Studio Virtasia, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSRs), has for some years been producing community training videos on the subjects of Reforestation and Climate Change within its Million Trees & Messages Project.


In recent months to make these productions even more immersive for young viewers, Studio Virtasia has been producing its community training videos as 360 videos.   



In an effort to expand its CSR project’s reach and impact, Studio Virtasia is now offering to produce short 4k, 360, 3D animated videos for NGOs, Governments, Educational Institutions and Renewable Energy Providers, who need immersive educational & promotional videos, to better impart their important messages and training, to their targeted communities in these times of Covid 19.

360 is by far the best video format to produce immersive educational videos with. It allows viewers to actually believe they really are at the destination being filmed. Whether that be a forest, farm, desert, community or training college. However, because of their intense technical production requirements, the costs associated with producing a single 360 video have put them out of the reach of the organisations which most need them, to impart their messages and training.

Realizing the critical needs of Governments, Organizations, institutions and Renewable Energy are hampered by COVID 19 travel restrictions, Studio Virtasia has decided to expand its CSR commitments, to include a Grants Scheme which will cover 90% of the production costs of a number of important community oriented 360 videos.




The cost to produce one minute of 4k, 360, VR 3D animated video is on average US$3,000-$10,000/minute depending on the complexity of the characters and scenery.


To give you some idea of the time and cost it takes to produce just one minute of 4K 360 VR video, here are two of the production overheads that need to be considered.

1/ When you make a normal 3D animated video, it requires just a single camera angle to the Front, with one flat scene. When you produce a 360 video it requires four camera angles, Front, Left, Right, and Rear. Hence it requires the studio to model 4 scenes, which also may need movement and characters.

2/ After all the animations have been completed in the four camera angles, it takes another 60 hours of high speed computer time, to render a single minute of 360 video.

Hence to assist organizations, etc, gain better access to the outcomes 360 VR training and educational videos can produce for their targeted audiences, Studio Virtasia will make a 360 Video Production Grant of 90% of the production costs, per minute, of a number of 3D animated 360 videos each year, which it deems, will assist produce measurable outcomes for worthy causes, climate change and communities.

Hence, if an Organization wanted to have a 1 (one) minute 3D animated 360 video produced, Studio Virtasia would provide financial assistance to cover 90% of the production cost which equates to,

A STRAIGHT FORWARD 3D Animated 360 Video

The Grantee would pay US$300 and Studio Virtasia would cover the remaining US$2,700 of the Production Costs

 This 360 VR video on Impacts of Plastic Waste on the Environment, is a straight forward 3D animated VR video



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The impact and immersivness of 360 videos can best be appreciated when the viewer is using a VR headset to view the video.

As part of its CSR 360 Production Grant program Studio Virtasia will subsidize and make available,

500 VR headsets to each Grantee for US$500

(plus the cost of shipping)


Priority Areas for 360 Video 

Production Grants


Climate Change

Education & Training

Reforestation Projects

The Environment

Renewable Energy

Health Care


Endangered Species



Sustainable Development Goals

Poverty Alleviation

Eligible Entities


Not For Profits

Educational Institutions

Health Care Providers

Social Institutions

Government Agencies

Renewable Energy Providers

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Can I apply for the production of multiple 360 Videos?


How long after I submit my application will you let me know whether we have been successful in obtaining a Production Assistance Grant?

We will get back to you with 14 days of you submitting your application.


How long can each video be?

We suggest each video should be 3-10 minutes long


Are there any other costs associated with the production of my 360 video?

If you want Studio Virtasia to develop specific characters, which we do not already have in our character library then you will need to pay for the development, modeling and rigging of that character.


How long will it take to produce my 360 video?

Depending on its length and complexity it will take between take 4 - 10 weeks to produce after Grant Assistance has been approved


Who will write the script for my 360 video?

Applicants will need to write their own script for the narrator to read.


What language can my 360 video be produced in?

Each 360 video will be produced in the English. Videos can be produced in other languages, if the Applicant provides the recorded voice over.


Who owns the intellectual property of my video?

The characters contained within each video will remain the property of Studio Virtasia.


How will I access my 360 video?

Studio Virtasia will upload your video to Youtube.


Can I provide the narration voice over for the video?



Why is your Grant 90% of the video production costs?

We will only fund 90% of the production costs as we believe it is important that Applicants have some financial interest in the production of each video. If we funded 100% we believe Applicants would request nonessential videos to be produced, which would defeat the purpose of the Grant Assistance Program.

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Studio Virtasia is happy to make a grant to MangLub Vietnam to fund the production of 16 minutes of 4K 360, 3D animated videos by way of producing four 4 minute videos which are to be used for the education of local and international communities of the importance of the preservation and reforestation of Mangrove Forests.

You can read more of the Vison, Mission & Goals of MangLub at 

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