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THE METS MALL (360AB) will be a free to download APP, available to android, Apple and pc users. It will also be made available on various VR platforms. THE METS 360AB can best be described in technical terms, as a web based 360, 3D animated shopping mall browser. However users will simply see it as a huge virtual futuristic shopping mall  which incorporates  exciting entertainment facilities.

Movement through the walkways of THE METS, will be by pointing and clicking on directional arrows throughout THE METS. The shopper will be a 3D animated character, which will move at walking pace through THE METS in the direction of their selected arrow clicks. The shopper will be able to stop their character at any point on the walkways. 

At each intersection, the shopper will be able to call up an entire directory of shops located within THE METS. Simply by clicking on a particular shop within the directory, the character will commence walking toward that shop through the various walkways of THE METS, passing by numerous other shops and entertainment facilities on the way, which the shopper can browse over.


Each shop within THE METS will have a flashing green entry icon mounted on its front door. Upon clicking on the flashing green button, the shopper will be hyperlinked to the retailer’s online shop, web site or presentation. The retailer’s online shop, web site or presentation, is not resident within THE METS 360AB APP.


After browsing or making their purchases at the shop, website or presentation the shopper will just need to click on the ‘back icon’ to return to his or her previous position within THE METS, outside the shop they just entered.

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As stated previously, after a shopper clicks on the green enter icon on any particular shop, they will be hyperlinked to the shop lessee’s online shop, app, web site or presentation hosted on their own hosting or platform.

THE METS App will not contain the interior of shops. Rather the App will redirect shoppers to the retailer’s existing online shopping platform or presentation, where shoppers can browse and buy.

It is entirely up to the shop lessee, how they fit out the internals of their virtual premises, or the online destination shoppers are hyperlinked to.


Hence you could say the internal dimensions of each shop are boundless. This is because the interior will be as big as the site you hyperlink them to



The Lessor has 100% control over the exterior color scheme, as well as window posters & dressings.

The only thing the lessee cannot do is change the exterior dimensions of the shop front.

The 15 second 3D holographic animation atop the shop will be produced by Studio Virtasia as per the Lessee’s directions. The animation can have sounds added.

All signage is also selected and decided upon by the Lessee