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The Executive Producer of Studio Virtasia, Mr. Karsten dan Andersen from Denmark, has established Studio Virtasia’s principal, culturally significant, ‘Reviving the Classics’ Project, for the 2020-21 time period.

“For the last 175 years, Hans Christian Andersen’s stories, have brought happiness and learning to generations of young people throughout the world,” states Karsten. “Now it’s time to place them into a new entertainment format, which will allow another 10 generations of young people to enjoy his important classics.”

Studio Virtasia’s unique Motion Picture Book editing & production techniques, for all the Hans Christian Andersen’s stories, will we believe, allow the entire world, to experience the fantastic tales of this great story teller, exactly as he would have wanted them to be experienced.

The Hans Christian Andersen

Motion Picture Books

Each H.C. Andersen Motion Picture Book will comprise two different elements.

The First Element will be a 3D animated storyteller, sitting in h Hans Christian Andersen museum, in Denmark, reading the words of each book, to a small group of children. In each Motion Picture Book, the storyteller will be a high quality 3D animation of H.C. Andersen himself, in period dress to suit his position in the museum.

The Second Element will be 3D animated scenes, drawn from each magical Book, as H.C. Andersen reads the words aloud, to the audience from his book..

Within each Motion Picture Book, there are no actors, doing the various voices of all the different characters. The only voice which will be heard throughout any one Motion Picture Book, will be that of the voice over actor playing Hans Christian Andersen, reading the book aloud, as the Storyteller.


This is because Motion Picture Books , are not a screenwriter’s interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen’s writings. Rather they are a verbatim presentation, of exactly each and every one, of Hans Christian Andersen’s written words. This allows young people, to enjoy Hans Christian Andersen’s books, exactly the way he wanted them to be enjoyed. Rather than the way a screenwriter wants you to appreciate, his or her, personal interpretation, of Hans Christian Andersen words.

Approximately 50% of the 3D animations, within each Motion Picture Book, will be of Hans Christian Andersen reading the story in his library, to the group of children. The other 50% of 3D animations, will be scenes containing all the characters, acting out what Hans Christian Andersen is reading to the group of children.

The Setting of Each Fairy Tale

The main reason for undertaking the H.C. Andersen project, is to get young children from all corners of the planet, to be once again interested in the stories, and culture, of H.C. Andersen.

To best achieve this goal, the team at Studio Virtasia believe any story lines, must be aimed at trying to encourage young people and their families, to visit Denmark and the H.C. Andersen Museum.

This will be achieved by setting each fairy tale story line, within the museum in Denmark. To accomplish this we will produce a life like animation of H.C. Andersen sitting in an exact 3D animated replica of the inside of the museum. At the beginning of each fairy tale, a group of young 3D animated children who are visiting the museum, will rush over to H.C. Andersen sitting in his chair, within the museum, and ask him to tell them a story. Which he will proceed to do, as the all sit down in front of him.

The chair that H.C. Andersen sits in, will be an exact 3D model of a chair, that has been specifically built for the project, and placed within the museum. An exact 3D model of the room the chair sits in, will also be created for the fairy tales. Hence, children will want their families to take them to the museum in Denmark, so they can see the mystical chair etc, that they have seen H.C. Andersen sit in so many times, and tell his magical tales.

Hc Andersen Museum.png

The Importance of Hans Christian Andersen

Motion Picture Books

It is critically important, that new generations of young people, get to fully appreciate the wordsmith abilities, of Hans Christian Andersen. Movie and video interpretations of his work, do not allow this to occur, as they are merely screenwriters interpretations of his works.


However, with young people having so much instant access to millions of videos online, it is difficult to convince young people today, to sit down and read a good book.

Motion Picture Books or MOOKs are a new entertainment medium, which combine the written words of books, with exciting 3D animations. This is a medium, young people can associate with, and appreciate. 

You can click on the MOOK Academy logo below to read more about Motion Picture Books

NEW LOGO MOOK academy small.png


During the course of 2020-2022, it is anticipated that Studio Virtasia, with one animation team allocated to the project, will be able to produce 12-14 Hans Christian Andersen Motion picture Books, of approximately 7 minutes in length (some fairy tales are longer).

Potential Advertisers, Sponsors or Investors can become the sole investor in any one 7 minute H.C. Andersen Motion Picture Book, by investing the US$15,000 it requires to produce the Motion Picture Book. Or you may wish to become a 50% partner with Studio Virtasia in a H.C Andersen Fairy Tale by way of investing just 50% of the production costs. Click here to read more.

It will take approximately 2 months to complete each Fairy Tale.


Hans Christian Andersen was a prolific writer of fairytales, and stories, that transcend age and nationality.


His 3,381 fairy tales, have been translated into 125 languages, and are culturally embedded, in the consciousness of a huge percentage of the world’s population.


Seemingly any person you ask, from any country, knows of the Emperor’s New Clothes, or the Princess and the Pea. Stories which have inspired multiple movies, plays and ballets.

The existing, and potential new audience for Hans Christian Andersen MOOKS, can only be measured in the tens of millions globally, over the next 25 Year


  • Sponsors can place a 15 second suitable advertisement at the beginning of the 10 minute H.C. Andersen Fairy Tale.

  • Many of the H.C. Andersen Fairy Tale have fantastic opportunities for product placements. Sponsors will be matched with stories that best allow product placements of their particular products.

  • Your company will be recognized, in a full screen credit with your logo, within the end credits of your selected H.C. Andersen Fairy Tale, as the Honored Supporter of this Motion Picture Book.

  • Your Company will be able to utilize at no cost, any of the 3D animated characters within your supported Motion Picture Book, for corporate advertising, and public relations initiatives, for the next 12 months. This benefit alone could easily be valued at tens of thousands of dollars for your company.

  • Company representatives, will be invited to participate at the world Premier, and subsequent media conference, of your selected H.C. Andersen Fairy Tale.

  • Your Company will be invited to, decorate the conference room with corporate advertising & promotion materials, where the premier of your H.C. Andersen Fairy Tale and media conference, is to be staged. ​

  • It is expected, each H.C. Andersen Fairy Tale Motion Picture Book will be watch by more than 10 million children and families, etc on Youtube, over the next few years, thus giving your company, enormous exposure. 

  • We expect your Youtube Motion Picture Book Video, will be watched by not only millions from this generation, but also tens of millions from future generations, over the course of the next 75 years.

If you would like to find out more about this Investment Opportunity please contact


Executive Producer




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