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Studio Virtasia is able to offer investors a low risk, high return for their investment dollar, because it is not reliant on a single income stream, or product. Nor is it reliant on millions of dollars being raised from shareholders.


By the end of 2020 Studio Virtasia is conservatively forecasting to deliver a yearly profit of US$1 million. A very small yearly profit, by global corporate standards. However it will be more than enough to deliver a high dividends to every shareholder, and expand the company further. 


Studio Virtasia’s Business Plan is written around a number of core income producing strategies.

Each individual strategy has been carefully crafted such that by itself it produces a very strong income stream, while at the same time, assists grow the income streams of the other four key strategies.

However for investors to truly appreciate the significance of the above, they should take the time to read the first books of Virtasian Tales, which are available on our web site for free. This will enable investors to gain a clearer understanding of how and why the Key Business Strategies integrate and support each other.

I will not go into the specifics of each market strategy, as it would just enable copy-cat studios to undertake similar strategies. However, I must say, it would be extremely difficult to copy the strategies of Studio Virtasia, without first having a base story line, which was specifically written to facilitate the very unique marketing strategies, of our overall global marketing concept , such as the story line of Virtasian Tales, does for Studio Virtasia.


BOOK is a major lovable character of the story line, and we will be making hardcover Books complete with a stand up tassel, which will be the character BOOK. Hence our hardcover book will not only be a traditional book, having the entire story within its pages, it will also be a merchandise item as BOOK, a major character of the Virtasian Tales story.

At month 24 we conservatively expect to be selling 1000 books/ month as merchandise items, for US$40/book on Amazon and our own web site.


Making approximately US$20 per book after production and shipping costs, thus generating US$20,000/month



The main merchandise item will be the Crystal Hearts, which play major part in this and future Virtasian Tales. We expect most young people who read the story or watch a MOOK will want to get their crystal heart. After production and shipping cost we expect to make US$5/ crystal profit. After the release of all ten MOOKs, we expect to be selling a minimum of 2,000 Crystal Hearts / month, generating US$10,000/month for Studio Virtasia.

The story line of Virtasia, tells the reader, characters from Virtasia, become toys in Reality. This opens the way for making toys from every Virtasian Character, including, The Bracelets, the Tiara, Zac, The Wizard, Glitch, Lifelogs, etc, etc.

Most of the secondary characters we will license out to manufacturers to produce and distribute. After month 24 we expect these license revenues to generate approximately US$5,000/ month.

Studio Virtasia will also be establishing a clothing label to sell printed tee shirts, hats etc. This is expected to generate US$10,000/ month in profit.



We expect by month 24 we will have completed 10 English, 10 Vietnamese and 10 Chinese MOOKs. 

We forecast conservatively, approximately 1000 of each of the 30 completed MOOKs at US$1.50 will be downloaded from our web site, and the Apple and Google Play Stores each month. Generating approximately US$45,000/ month for Studio Virtasia.



There are numerous other income sources and strategies Studio Virtasia will put in place, ranging from Social media incomes from the likes of Youtube, etc, to Sponsorship, Product Placements, Corporate Advertisements and misc licensing deals. These will also generate significant incomes for Studio Virtasia.


It is important to comprehend just how enormous the potential market is for the various product offerings of Studio Virtasia is.

The internet and social media will allow Studio Virtasia to access huge markets in every nation. Furthermore its is very easy to reformat animated MOOKs and Books into every major language. 

It is not unusual for paid for Apps to be downloaded more than 1 million times per year, and free Ad-Supported Apps to be downloaded 20 million times. Hence we are confident our forecasts of each MOOK being download just 12,000/year are very much on the conservative side.


All of the tasks which Studio Virtasia needs to undertake to achieve success can be be fully achieved in Vietnam for a fraction of the cost it would require to complete the same tasks in Europe, America or Australia for example. 


Salaries in Vietnam for Marketing Executives, Animators, Logistics Personnel, etc. are 10-20% of that of an equivalent skilled workers in Europe or America.


For example, Studio Virtasia will be paying skilled animators US$500 - $600 per month. In America we would need to pay US$4500 - $6000 + benefits to gain a similar level worker.


Furthermore with 100 million people living in Vietnam, where a university degree is seen by the family as a must, and only costs about US$ 1000 to complete the 3 years of graduate studies at a good university, there is an abundance of highly skilled workers to choose from.

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