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THE METS is putting into place numerous customer attraction, retention and entertainment strategies at all the global & national malls. A number of the key Entertainment Centers such as the Theme Park, Wildlife Park, and at least one cinema, one NFT Gallery, one concert hall and one exhibition center at each mall, will remain owned and operated by THE METS. Corporations with the right expertise and skill sets will be encouraged to establish and operate the other cinemas, galleries, entertainment centers and exhibition Halls, etc scattered throughout THE METS.



Many of the entertainment options will be accessible to all patrons of THE METS for free. However many of the main attractions at the Theme & Wildlife Parks, rides, concerts, etc will require the visitor to have purchased a yearly or monthly METS DIGITAL PASSPORT. A single METS DIGITAL PASSPORT will not only get you access to all entertainment facilities, it will also get you numerous discounts at hundreds of METS Retailers at all METS MALLS. THE METS Passport will also gain shoppers substantial discounts on all METS Theme Park & Wildlife Park Merchandise.

THE METS DIGITAL PASSPORT will only cost US$15/year which most all shoppers will save on their first discounted purchase or holiday booking within THE METS.


It is anticipated that one million METS Visitors per year will purchase a METS DIGITAL PASSPORT, which will generate a revenue stream of US$15 million per year for THE METS GMMC

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