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Studio Virtasia is building a language based Global Distribution Network. In other words the network will be put in place with Distributors based upon the language they speak, rather than the country at which they reside.

For example there will not be a China Distributor. Rather there will be a Mandarin and Cantonese Distributor. It also should be noted  that Distributors will have the rights to Distribute Content, Books and Merchandise to everyone in the world speaking their Distributor Language. 

For example the Cantonese Distributor will not only have the right to distribute within Mainland China, but will also have the rights to distribute in Hong Kong, Macau, and other SE Asian populations which speak Cantonese.

Appointed Distributors will have exclusive rights for all Studio Virtasia Content, Books, Merchandise, etc with respect their selected language, and will be appointed for 100 years


Studio Virtasia will provide Distributors,

  • Exclusivity for the sales and merchandising of all Studio Virtasia MOOKs, Books, Merchandise, etc in your selected Distributor language. 

  • Assistance to construct your own language based Virtasian Tales web site.

  • All training and support required to establish your Studio Virtasian Distribution Center in your country.

  • All training required to establish your sales and marketing arms and channels of Studio Virtasia, in your country.

  • Each MOOK of Virtasian Tales, as they are produced, with the Storyteller telling the story in their selected language. These MOOKS will be sold on your web site, Play Store, etc.

  • An online copy of the book Virtasian Tales in their selected language which they will put on their web site with advertising.

  • Print ready, art work of each Illustrated book. Approximately 6-8 each year.

  • All authorizations necessary for the reprinting of each book in your country.

  • Production ready art work for all Crystal Heart Cards in your language.

  • All licensing Authorizations to produce Virtasian Tales Merchandise in your country.

  • Redirection of inquires to the main Studio Virtasia web made in your language, to your web site.

  • Availability to Mr Phillips for promotional and media tours within your countries.


Studio Virtasia is presently looking for Global Distributors for the languages of,​

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Hindi

  • German

  • French

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

  • Arabic

  • Malay

  • Russian

  • Bengali

  • Turkish

  • Filipino

Although all training and materials will be provided it is expected that potential Distributors have some basic knowledge of internet transactions, social media, etc. 

Distributors will need to have an established company (or establish one) which can accept payments from overseas.

Distributors will be responsible for translating all materials into their chosen language. The head office of Studio Virtasia will then use these translations in MOOK's, Books, web sites, social media, etc. 


A conservative estimate of expected income for Distributors which have a,


  • large population utilizing their selected language, will turn over in excess of US$3 million/year for the foreseeable future.

  • medium population utilizing their selected language, will turn over in excess of US$2 million/year for the foreseeable future.

  • small population utilizing their selected language, will still turn over in excess of US$500,000/year for the foreseeable future.


On-Line Sale of MOOKs

The sale of MOOKs online should represent a substantial income for Distributors. Selling for just US$1-3 online at the Play & APP Stores as well as on your own web site, it is expected that tens of thousands of young people and adults will download each MOOK. There will be 5-6 MOOKs released each year. 

Crystal Heart Cards

There will be 10 Crystal Heart Collector Cards released for each MOOK.  Thus equating to 50-60 new cards each year. The Crystal Heart Cards will be extremely important to young people and adults who read Virtasian Tales  hence we expect  nearly every person who reads, or views the story, to purchase at least one crystal heart. The cards can also be purchased in collectors sets of 10 for each MOOK.

Selling for between US$7-12/card depending on the market, it is anticipated that Crystal Heart Cards will represent a major income stream for all Distributors into the foreseeable future. 

Hard & Soft Covered Books

The Head Office will work with Distributors to identify a reputable publisher for 'Virtasian Tales,' the complete story, in their country and language. This will allow the book to be sold in bookstores across their country. 


Augmented Reality Illustrated Books

Augmented Reality is a very new technology, which we believe was almost made for Virtasian Tales, as it will bring the illustrated books and characters of each MOOK alive. 

Each MOOK will have a illustrated book. Therefore there will be 5-6 new AR illustrated books each year.

It is anticipated that the AR illustrated books will be a run away best seller in each distributor market. Selling for between US10 -15/book it is anticipated that the AR illustrated books will represent a substantial income stream for each Distributor.

Free Online Book

The free online book in each Distributor's language and web site, will generate a significant income for them each month via online advertising space on each page. 

Misc Merchandise

Each year, new toys of the various characters will be manufactured. Each Distributor will have the right to sell these toys on their web site. 

YouTube & Other Video Channels

Throughout the year the Head Office of Studio Virtasia will be releasing various short 3D animated clips of the Virtasian Tales Characters. Singing dancing or just playing games with the audience. These clips, which will be translated into each Distributor's language, will, again through online advertising generate an income for distributors


It is important to make clear that the Head Office of Studio Virtasia is responsible for all the on going development and creation of,

  • All 3D animated MOOKs in their selected language.

  • All print ready art work for the AR Illustrated Books in their selected language.

  • All print ready art work for the AR Crystal Heart Cards

  • Virtasian Tales merchandise, clothing and toys.

  • All 3D Animated and Augmented Reality content for Social Media etc.

The Distributor will only be responsible for sales and delivery in their country(s) and identifying a reputable local Publisher for the books, etc.

Each Distributor will contribute a percentage of their sales to Head Office. This money will be utilized by head office to produce a continuous stream of 3D animations, AR, merchandise, product etc, for the Global Distributor Network. 







Profits = Gross Sales - Any Production Costs incurred by the Distributor


Distributors will be selected on a first come first serve basis.

Once a potential new Distributor has filled out their Distributor Application Form, and paid their Distributor Holding Deposit (US$3,000) Head Office will begin contract negotiations with that Distributor for their selected Language. No other deposits will be accepted for that language from other potential Distributors.

The New Distributor and Head Office will have 60 days to finalize a Distributor Rights Agreement, which both parties are happy with, for their selected language. 

If after 60 days,

  1. The parties cannot agree upon the terms and conditions of the Distributor Rights Agreement for that language, Studio Virtasia will return their deposit in full, and begin negotiations with any other party interested in that Distribution Language.

  2. A Distributor Rights Agreement is agreed upon, and signed by both parties, the New Distributor will pay the balance of their Distribution Rights Agreement Fee, and Head Office staff will begin, training of the new Distributor & working on creating all Studio Virtasia's content into their selected language.


Distributor Rights Fee/Language 

There is a one time Distribution Rights Fee /language for the 100 year Distribution Rights Agreement of that language.

The US$30,000 Fee will be paid as follows,

  1. US$3,000 Holding Deposit upon Head Office accepting your application for your selected language.

  2. US$27,000 Balance of Fee upon the signing of your Distribution Rights Agreement for that language.

** The Distribution Rights Fee is exactly the same for each language. It is not based on the population size of the selected language. This is because it takes exactly the same amount of manpower and training from Head Office to bring on board a any new language, irrespective of the number of people speaking that language.


  • Potential New Distributors can apply for the Distribution Rights of more than one language.

  • Distributors can own and operate the Distribution Rights for more than one language.

  • Distributors can sell their Distribution Rights at any time, so long as the new owner is acceptable to Head Office.

  • Distributor Agreement negotiations will not start with any new potential Distributor until they remit their Holding Deposit for that language. This is because Studio Virtasia will not undertake negotiations with 2-3 potential new Distributors for the same language at the same time.

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