Millennials and Gen Z’s, the flashpackers, are now regarded as the biggest spenders on holidays, and therefore represent a very significant target market for all tourist destinations, theme park operators, airlines, hotels, etc, etc.. And most, if not all young travellers, research and book their travel itinerary and activities, online.

However searching on the web for exciting mew travel ideas and destinations has become very mundane, and fairly boring for flashpackers, as the technologies to promote the different destinations are rather old school for young people who have now moved on to utilizing 360 and VR technologies such as the metaverse.

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THE METS 360AB has been specifically designed to move online browsing into the 21st century, by way of creating a very colorful, highly illuminated 3D animated holographic mall, where young people can come and browse in and along the hundreds of vibrant animated, almost psychedelic walkways, for hours upon hours each week, in search of all the different things that are important for their everyday lives, entertainment, social activities, travel and friends.



Destinations, attractions, theme parks, hotels etc urgently need access to low cost, targeted marketing strategies which will attract back thousands of visitors, now  borders are opening up globally. High impact innovative advertising on the internet, possessing the ability to make their destination stand out from the crowd, to tech savvy millennials & Gen Z’s, is surely the preferred option.   

A bright colorfully decorated shop front at THE METS, with a 3D holographic animation atop, depicting the beauty and excitement of your destination or attraction, which can be viewed either on their smart phones in 360, or with their VR headset, is surely the best, low cost way, to put your destination or attraction in front of millions of potential young tourists, who are now extremely keen to begin researching and planning their next get away after this terrible period of global lockdowns.

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THE METS is a huge futuristic mall, for young people to spend hours upon hours each week with their friends, browsing thousands of shop fronts for things of interest including holiday destinations, and attractions. Each colorfully decorated shop rooftop will have a fantastic 360 VR, 3d animated holographic animation continuously playing for passersby to watch. This 15 second animation will be conceptualized by your marketing team, and animated by Studio Virtasia. The cost of production of your 15 second animation is just US$250.


We expect at least 50 million visitors to THE METS in its first year of operations, who will view your decorated shop and animation. Each shop has a flashing green entry handle on its front door. All visitors need to do if they are attracted by your decorations and animations, is point and click on this flashing green handle. Upon doing this they will be transported to your web site, or online shop etc, where they can find out more and book their holiday.



Right now every global destination, hotel, attraction, etc needs to implement low cost, high return marketing programs.

THE METS VIRTUAL SHOP leases are a very low cost way to put your product in front of millions of young tech savvy YUCCIEs (Young Urban Creatives) all around the world. Furthermore the 15 second, 3D animation, Studio Virtasia will produce for you for display on your virtual shop rooftop, can be utilized by you for any other marketing, or promotional activities you might also be undertaking.


A 15 second 4K 360 VR 3D animation, would normally cost more than US$2,000 to produce in an animations studio, thus making taking up of a Virtual Shop at THE METS 360AB, an extremely good bang for your buck, marketing activity

Move your Mouse or phone around to view in 360