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Studio Virtasia has now far exceeded its first round funding goals with respect to content development, which has conservatively more than quadrupling the company’s market value from US$500,000 to US$2,000,000.

Animated Content Development companies are in huge demand, as our 21st century global society, shifts more and more to online streaming (Netflix, etc.) and social media; both for entertainment and retail sales. US toy maker HASBRO purchased Entertainment One, (the production company of Peppa Pig and PJ Masks)  for US$4 billion after an intense bidding war in late 2019. Even small animation companies such as BENTO BOX Entertainment which produces Bob's Burgers, was sold in 2019 to Fox Broadcasting for US$50 million 

Studio Virtasia is now seeking to raise a further US$2,500,000 for a 40% share holding of the company in Second Round Funding, to fund the further Design, Development and Production, of VR VIRTASIA over the next 3 years.

The rollout of VR Virtasia is expected to double the value of Studio Virtasia each year for the next 5 years.


  • US$10,000 - Begin putting into place all the necessary Licensing, Trademarks, etc needed to fully protect all Studio Virtasia's Intellectual Properties in our targeted global markets. ​

  • US$35,000 - Global Marketing Strategies for 'CLUB VIRTASIA' including,

    • Million Trees & Messages Project

    • The free online animated e-book version of Virtasian Tales

    • The Virtasian Tales Motion Picture Book,

    • The CLUB VIRTASIA SHOP  and selling of Virtasian Tales Merchandise

  • US$ 10,000 - Establish a Merchandise Production & Shipping Workshop at our Head Office



  • US$15,000 - Make necessary technology upgrades, of computer systems, motion capture and lip sync technologies + purchase 2 new high end rendering computers.

  • US$10,000 - Speed up the Production of the next 24 Episodes of Virtasian Tales by way of employing 1 more animator for 12 months.

  • US$10,000 - Further develop some new merchandise items based upon our large character library.

  • US$10,000 - Begin the process of selling Licenses of the Virtasian Tales Characters to international manufactures & distributors, which wish to manufacture and distribute Virtasian Tales merchandise items globally.

Robots and Glitch



In just 15 months Studio Virtasia has developed, modeled and 3D animated the full suite of characters (more than 30 characters), for the first 36 episodes of Virtasian Tales. These include,

  • Bellasini, the school girl in Reality,

  • Bellasini the Warrior Princess, in Virtasia

  • Bellasini as Magic's Princess in the Dress of Dreams.

  • Gran, in Reality as Bellasini's 70 year old grandmother,

  • Gran as the beautiful 21 year old Queen of Virtasia.

  • Zac, Bellasini’s little bird side kick in Virtasia, who is always bantering with BOOK

  • BOOK, a magical book with the knowledge of all things, who serves as Bellasini’s guide.

  • Glitch, the greedy villain of Virtasian Tales.

  • The Wizard of Wisdom, who lives in the Library of Life, who is the little voice we all hear in our heads from time to time.

  • The Dress of Dreams, An original character that children of all ages will love.

  • Clint, Bellasini’s little friend from the forest.

  • Ms. Crabtree, the very old librarian who dislikes computers.

  • Kuching, the mechanical tiger Bellasini brings to Virtasia to protect her.

  • The King, married then Queen, who was Bellasini’s Gran

  • The Chimney Sweep Boy, a toy that Bellasini loves, who later becomes her best friend in Virtasia.

  • Prince Icon, the Chimney Sweep Boy becomes Prince Icon in Virtasia

  • Gemma, Bellasini’s best friend in Reality.

  • The Storyteller, is the narrator of Virtasian Tales

  • Melissa, is one of Glitches viruses, who many children will like.

  • The Worm, is another of Glitches viruses

  • The Robots, work in Glitches, Windows Between Worlds.

  • Plus a host of other secondary characters, Bellasini’s Mother, Clint’s Mother, Mr. Mc. Ram, David, Bellasini’s Father, etc.

The worth of these characters should not be underestimated.  They are most definitely valuable intangible assets of the company, which are listed on the balance sheet of the company.


The most lovable of the above list of characters, of which there are at least 12, must today be conservatively valued at between US$100,000 –US$150,000 each, based upon their expected licensing income and merchandise sales over the next 3-5 years. Lesser characters such as Melissa, the Storyteller, etc, of which there are another 12 will still generate a fairly substantial licensing income stream for the company, and therefore would still command an individual valuation of US$50,000 to US$100,000 each.




To date Studio Virtasia has produced 12 Million Trees & Messages 3D animated Documentaries in the Vietnamese and English languages.

It will produce another 16 in 2021 and will translate all videos into 10 languages

Studio Virtasia  expects more than ten million young people from the length & breadth of the planet to join the Million Trees & Messages (MTM) Program each year.


By the end of 2021 Studio Virtasia will have produced 24 MTM videos in 10 languages, giving it a portfolio of 240 MTM videos.

Million Trees & Messages Project Objectives

The MTMP, is focused on educating and engaging millions of young school and university aged youths, along with those whom have lost their jobs at factories closed by COVID-19, to look toward reforestation projects, proposed within the various MTM videos, for opportunities, and employment in their home towns. It has been demonstrated many times, that if you teach young people a skill, it will remain with them for life. The MTMP education & training videos, will create a generation of young people, committed to reforestation and the green economy

Million Trees & Messages Income Streams


We expect each video will be viewed at least 1 million times per year on Youtube. Youtube pays in advertising revenues approximately US$4,000 per one million view. Having a portfolio of 240 videos which are each on average being view at least one million times per year will mean the MILLION TREES & MESSAGES Project will generate and income of approximately US$960,000 per year

In 2022 Studio Virtasia will produce another 24 videos in 10 languages, thus doubling its income in

2022 to US$1,920,000

Because climate change and deforestation are only getting worse, the Million Trees & Messages videos are expected to remain relevant to young people for at least the next 20 years. This mean shareholders will have a guaranteed income for the foreseeable future


In this global environment of unchecked climate change & deforestation, almost all major corporations are now looking to market their products and corporations, as being green and are therefore now looking to tie their brands to green regeneration projects such as the Million Trees & Messages Project.

We are on track to raise US$7,500 in sponsorship monies for each video across its ten languages, thus giving Studio Virtasia a US$180,000 income from the sponsorship of all 24 videos. This income will cover all production costs of the Million Trees & Messages Project.

You can click here to read more and watch all the Million Trees & Messages videos


In 15 short months, Studio Virtasia has completed an 80 minute, full HD 3D animated movie of  Virtasian Tales Part 1.


Utilizing the low end of recognized industry costs to produced 1 minute of HHD 3D animation, (US$10,000 – US$ 500,000)  ( web it is fair to state Studio Virtasia has produced at least US$800,000 of 3D animations for Virtasian Tales.

Studio Virtasia will continue production on Virtasian Tales Part 2 & Part 3 in 2021. There are to be 4 Parts to the Virtasian Tales Story.

All episodes of Virtasian Tales will be produced in English & Vietnamese. 



Virtasian Tales Project Objectives

The Virtasian Tales 3D animated movies, follow the storyline of the book written by Mr. Paul Phillips of the same name Virtasian Tales.

The Virtasian Tales movies represent the world's first Motion Picture Books (MOOKS) which combine 3D animations with the written words of the book. The book can be read free online at

The Virtasian Tales Project aims to bring to market a completely new way for young readers to enjoy reading a book. Combining 3D animations with the words of the book mean young readers can both read and visualize the story which is being told by the Storyteller.

Virtasian Tales Income Streams


It is expect that Virtasian Tales Part 1 one will be viewed more than 1 million times on Youtube in each language per year which will generate an income of US$8,000 per year. As more episodes are produced we expect this number of views to rise considerably.


Studio Virtasia has placed a very attractive version of the Virtasian Tales e-book online within our website. Visitors to our web site  can read the entire Virtasia Tales 3d animated e-book for free, within our web site.


Traditional e-books are just the print version of the book, online. They do not in any way take advantage of the technologies available to them, from being online. Virtasian Tales will place a 10 second high quality 3D animation at the beginning of each online chapter, which should help readers visualize the main theme of that chapter. This we believe will make reading Virtasian Tales much more appealing to young people.

Studio Virtasia will run a major marketing campaign for the next 12 months, utilizing various video advertisements such as the one at the start of this proposal, on Facebook and Youtube, aimed solely at getting young people and grandparents to read our online animated e-book, Virtasian Tales. The aim of this advertising will be to entice at least 20,000 people/month to  read the free online book. We will place GoogleAds on each of the 100 pages of the e-book, which should generate approximately US$3,000 per month or US$36,000 per year.


Within any movie franchise, merchandise is always a major consideration and income  stream. Studio Virtasia via its new CLUB VIRTASIA Brand, is set to release a wide range of merchandise items. Some will be manufactured here in Vietnam (low cost of production) and will be distributed worldwide  by the soon to be established  distribution unit, to be located on the ground floor of our Vietnamese head office in Vung Tau. However, the majority of merchandise items will be manufactured and distributed under license in various countries from mid 2021 (after trade marks and copyrights have been put in place globally). Within this section of the proposal however, we will only address those items which we will manufacture and distribute ourselves. There is a later section within this proposal which talks about licensing.

Club Virtasia will introduce the Club Virtasia Shop. The Club Virtasia Shop branding and logo, has be designed to be most attractive to young people. It will be utilized on our web sites and all social media sites Club Virtasia sells merchandise on.


Studio Virtasia is utilizing its 3D animation skills to produce some very innovative sales presentations for children and teens.One example of this is our Tee Shirt Sales presentations. Rather than just presenting a photograph of the shirt we present a 3D animation of ZAC actually working with Bellasini to produce the art work for the tee shirt.​ Our market research with local children has found children are very attracted to this advertisement, which of course leads them to ask their parents to buy the shirt for them

Zac Tee Shirt.png


Anyone who has read Virtasian Tales, would understand that the Crystal Hearts from the Dress of Dreams are an extremely important item. A single crystal heart, possesses the power to transport its owner to Virtasia in their dreams; so long as they believe in the magic of their dreams and wishes. All one needs to do is put the crystal heart under their pillow each night before going to sleep. Crystal hearts will surely become a sort after merchandise items by all who read the story.


Studio Virtasia will manufacture two (2) new Crystal Heart Collector cards per month, based upon the characters and scenes of Virtasian Tales & Million Trees & Messages. These numbered collector cards, (1 - 5,000) will be exactly the same size, and materials as that of a plastic credit card. A limit of 5,000 of each card will be produced, so as to make each card a limited edition. Of course each one will have a crystal heart inlayed into its surface. The cards will be mounted and shipped on a colorful printed card. We expect that many young children and teens will become avid collectors of each and every card.


Because of the low cost of manufacture in Vietnam, (approximately $1.25/card) Studio Virtasia will make US$5 profit on each card sold. We forecast that Studio Virtasia will conservatively sell on average 1,500 cards per month, which will generate an income stream of US$7,500/month, or US$90,000/annum


The way we have established CLUB VIRTASIA, it is expected that new members will purchase their first tee shirt or product almost immediately. Not just because the price will be extremely attractive for such a high quality shirt, after member discount, approximately US$15 / tee shirt, (US$20 before member discount) but also they will have their child’s collectable numbered membership card, with a crystal heart inlayed, shipped to them for free with their first purchase from the CLUB VIRTASIA Shop.


Being based in Vietnam, Studio Virtasia is able to get high quality tee shirts, hats and other merchandise items, printed very cheaply by world standards. This means even selling them at US$15/tee shirt we will make approximately US$10/shirt or cap sold.

CLUB VIRTASIA will allow our sales & marketing team to build a very strong database of members who will be customers for all new merchandise produced.  In 3 years we expect to have a database of 54,000 members. Each month all members will receive a 3D animated CLUB VIRTASIA newsletter, which among other things will be advertising all new merchandise items, available at the Club Virtasia Shop.


We expect that each member will conservatively purchase at least 4 items/year from the Club Virtasia Shop. Utilizing a US$10/item profit per item sold, these sales will generate the following incomes per year for Studio Virtasia,


Year 1 = 18,000 members buying 4 items = US$720,000 Profit

Year 2 = 36,000 members buying 4 items = US$1,440,000 Profit

Year 3 = 54,000 members  buying 4 items = US$ 2,160,000 Profit




For the past 12 months, Studio Virtasia has been rigorously researching & developing a market place Brand and Position, which will most appeal to children and young teens.


The ‘CLUB VIRTASIA’ brand and image, will propel Studio Virtasia’s 3D animation productions & merchandise to the forefront of the youth and teenage markets globally for at least the next decade.

Furthermore CLUB VIRTASIA will introduce the global market to some very innovate product presentations, which will out shine even the likes of Disney; thus establishing new world standards for character merchandise advertising.

club card
zac Doll
Bellasini Shirt
Crystal Heart Collector Card1
Hat- Zac-02
Crystal Heart Card2
Glitch Doll



Studio Virtasia has begun the production of a number of Vietnamese fairy tales, for both the Vietnamese and English speaking markets. The first of these are called Tich Chu, The Three Axes, The Golden Star Fruit, and Ba Be Lake.


Studio Virtasia is now looking for sponsorship from large Vietnamese Corporations to cover the costs of production of each fairy tale. Once we attain sponsorship for each fairy tale, we will market them to the local Vietnamese audience utilizing various social media platforms and Youtube.

Studio Virtasia will earn a minimum of US$4,000 per million views on Youtube. As these are timeless fairy tales that have a moral message for children, we expect they will generate an income for the foreseeable future. If we gain sponsorship in 2021-22 for the making of 10 Vietnamese fairy tales, and each fairy tale receives 1 million views per year, these fairy tales will generate a bankable income stream of US$40,000/year for at least the next 10 - 15 years.  


Sini’s Travels is another Studio Virtasia Piliot Project, aimed at the global tourism industry, which has been hard hit by the Covid 19 pandemic. Nations, states and cities are looking for innovative, low cost ways to promote their destination to the greater global community, the minute travel restrictions are lifted.


Sini’s travels is a unique very low cost way for Destinations around the world, to promote their offerings to the younger generation of travelers. Furthermore a destination marketing campaign utilizing the virtual 3D animated characters of Studio Virtasia, can be completed within one month, thus making it a very attractive option for destinations which are uncertain of the dates, travel will be opened up to their nation.


Studio Virtasia has during the course of producing these Vietnamese fairy tales, created and animated, a number of lovable Vietnamese characters, which can be licensed out to Vietnamese companies, who may wish to add them to their advertising campaigns. These characters have the ability to conservatively generate an extra US$10,000 – US$20,000/year for Studio Virtasia.

You can read much more about the Vietnamese Fairy Tales Project by clicking here

Sini's travels 2

Sini’s Travels will not produce an income stream for Studio Virtasia until global travel resumes. However, in the past few months, Studio Virtasia’s marketing team has built a database, and has made first contact with more than 300 tourist destinations globally. The minute travel restrictions are lifted, Studio Virtasia will be well position to take maximum advantage of hundreds of destinations needing to spend millions of dollars to quickly attract tourists back to their shores once again.


You can read much more regards Sini’s Travel by clicking here.

Sini's Travels 1
Sini's travels 2
Sini's Travels 3
Sini's Travels 4
Sini's Travels 5


As stated earlier, The CLUB VIRTASIA Brand with its existing web sites, social media, online books, etc. plus its twenty four 3D Animated Character Assets, 75 minutes of 3D animated movies, and other animated productions, a conservative market valuation, would surely value Studio Virtasia at US$2,200,000. With just 650,000 shares this equates to each existing share having a market valuation today of US$3 each.

However as Second Round Funding is needed to fully protect all our intellectual property globally, and initiate our global marketing campaign, rather than asking US$3/share for the 100,000 shares being offered in the second round of capital raising, we believe US$1/share is a very attractive, little to no risk price, for new investors.

Therefore Studio Virtasia will offer 100,000 new ordinary shares to investors for a share price of US$1.00/share.






Mr. Paul Phillips



Mr. Karsten Dan Andersen


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